By kwadkenstine on Aug 25, 2020

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2508 1720 kv
6 inch foldies
Bits a frame
Tip of the day LOCKTITE..I have only recently started locktiteing my motor bolts in. And it has made a huge diference , without filters were default or higher.
With locktite i can move filter sliders all the way to the right with no issues. Just might be me but it seems legit.
The red one. Just heat the heads of the bolts with your soldering iron and they come straight out
The foldies from dal , floppies are from gemfan (not tested floppies yet)
Its a bit of a battery killer if one stays on the throttle too long.
Yes i have a BAD Nissan habit



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SD_AE86   Aug 31, 2020  

SR20 ftw! sil80?

kwadkenstine   Aug 31, 2020 


SD_AE86   Aug 31, 2020 

FTW= For the Win. Always loved sr20 power, my brother had a bluebird with a redtop swap, such an excellent motor.

kwadkenstine   Aug 31, 2020 

I wish i had the money to do her properly . Maby next year , if i dont sell her first.
Or Ill just make folks mad and drop a rb30 twin cam turbo and strong auto in and flog the living crap out of her.

Jayembee67   Aug 25, 2020  

Locktite ALL the things! In the early days I did once have an entire motor fall off in flight because all of the bolts wriggled out. Made for an exciting video at least. Gallons of blue stuff ever since. ;-)
My floppies arrive this weekend, get to see what the fuss is all about then.

Jodie Froster   Aug 25, 2020  

Those frames are really giving you some impressive amounts of service, I can't even remember how many builds you have with some part of that (those?) frame in it.
That engine bay in that nissan is SO empty, I've never seen an engine in a bay with no accessories at all (but with a motor).

kwadkenstine   Aug 25, 2020 

Doesnt run, Its just a mockup of a project i am slowly forgetting about.
Yes i do recycle a lot of bits ,Cause im a tight ass ,and the perfect kit = perfect boredom

DPJ   Aug 25, 2020  

No such thing as a bad Nissan habit!! lol

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