Floppy Proposition 5.1

By kwadkenstine on Aug 24, 2020

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Watched a heep o reviews before i floppied.
Was still sceptical untill the first backflip .
The kwad i tried them on had a serious bounce back on flips and small bounce on sharp rolls.
I could have tuned it out but the floppies did not do it
Its not all beer and skittles , there are some small quirks . they do not fly the same as regular props .
But not that you would notice untill you push yaw moves as hard as you can. I need to fly more packs to really nail the diference and be able to describe what it is actually doing. All i know is there is a tiny quirk.
Propwash is GONE. but it can be induced if you actually try , But I do not fly like that ever.
As for durability . I flew it through a big gum tree . Hit every branch on the thing and just flew out. crashed inside the shop a heep o times and they just kept working
I finaly smashed a tip off hitting a wire fence .
Flew it home without issue . no vibration no overheating motor , the only clue was the sound of the actual prop was off pitch.
Also testing 6 inch ,
Stay tuned


Part List


TBS Source One HD 5inch (105 builds)

Flight Controller

iFlight SucceX-E 2-6S 30x30 Stack/Combo (F4 FC / 45A 4in1 ESC) (20 builds)


Diatone Mamba F40 40A 3-6S 30x30 4in1 ESC (38 builds)
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Jayembee67   Aug 31, 2020  

And so I've been doing my own experiments with the DALProp F5's, and completely counter-intuitively, they're really good, aren't they? I've not crashed yet, so I don't know how robust they are, but from the perspective of smoothness, responsiveness, and getting rid of rattle and shake, they are doing a good job.

Good call, I'm liking them.

Jayembee67   Aug 24, 2020  

Alrighty! My order is in, I shall see myself in a few days, I would imagine. Also, you've been a bit quiet - winter in Oz being a bit rough weather-wise?

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Jayembee67   Aug 24, 2020 

Oh no, I am sorry to hear this. Keep wrapped up, look after yourself, invest in grapes and Lucozade, and get yourself well again - the world awaits your next crazed flying machine with bated breath (at least I do)! :-)

kwadkenstine   Aug 24, 2020 

Its not the weather , I have a number of auto imune issues (noncontagious), that flare up now and then.
Thanks for the interest . posting soon , Wont be a crazy thing , just a solid flyer

Jayembee67   Aug 24, 2020 

I feared it might not be a cold, actually. But still, one hopes. And yes, I have collected some things during my time on this ball of rock that flare up now and again and give me a hard time, nothing quite that extreme, but close. So you have my sympathies, and to an extent empathy. Look after yourself, do the things that you need to do, these sorts of things grind at you.

But grand. I shall look forwards to more Gum Tree Shenanigans From Above soon then!

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