By Minichado on Feb 09, 2017

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I wanted to build the fastest 2.5" micro I could on the XBL117 platform. There is a slightly better battery choice with twisted hobbies crack series but for the price lumenier works and works well. Trust me this thing is a rocket.

See the triphoto. in the front/back of the frame there is a nylon standoff, if you run the piko blx board front to back (with usb on the side) the wires actually come right out into the standoffs. I was having issues of these putting pressure on my ESC connections and breaking solder joints (good solder joints). random motors stopping. I solved this by closing up with zip ties. you might also solve this by using shorter standoffs unerneath the FC, though I used what was provided with the frame.

on the top, the last remaining standoff interfered with the channel button on my decased fx798t camera. I used a dremel to cut a small groove of clearance. this only effects the camera in the highest angle position. you could easily print your own. Tomo provides access to free files if you have your own printers. A++ to him.

neither of these makes this a bad frame. I had precut my wires before I knew about the interference with them. had I known beforehand, I would have left them longer and wrapped them up and around. I like the final look however, and it is less weight with less wiring (almost 12 gm in weight from cutting wires from ESCS)

I see people flying this on 600-800 mAh batteries, and it is more than capable of hauling them for sure, but I didn't want the extra weight. as is my setup is 122AUW. it is capable of hauling a gopro session no problem, and is still under 200gm. (note for gopro I did it as a test, it is not the purpose of this build, if you do this make sure to change PID tune or you will fry motors)

It is 3S because the rotorx 1106b/6500kv are 3s lmited, not 4s. I went overkill on the ESC so I don't have to worry about frying them ever, peak current on this setup (where the 149gm thrust per motor/prop combo comes from) is around 14.5-15 amps at most.

At full tilt I can get a 3 minute flight time, I typically fly 2:45 and come down and normalize to 3.8v on all cells. could probably push to 3:30 but I haven't just yet. If you want longer 5-6 minute flights for for a larger battery. if you want it to feel like a 5" quad that can go anywhere, just stick with a 450-500mah.
for the props I used quad blade setup, on paper the thrust for 3s + prop + motor peaks around 149gm, so your looking at 596gm thrust/122gm weight.

For a quick video of the gopro haul, check here

For a quick flight video, look here

WARNING: These motors are finicky, I recommend getting an extra. the arms on the tomo are very thin, and the stock screws that come with the motors are too long and touch the windings, in the process of discovering this one of the windings became damaged and never flew. Thankfully I ordered 5 motors, I would recommend having an extra anyways. I shortenned my screws with a dremmel AND I used washers to space them down even more, just to be sure.

WARNING 2: this thing hovers between 20-40% throttle, and is an absolute rocket. I would not fly this indoor FPV unless you are on 2S and have props guards, or you will go through the ceiling faster than you can say "wtf". it is easy to control LOS.

Some people recommend using 4 screws for the props but I am using 2 screws through the top props, so far with no issues.



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