TrinyTainer Five33

By daich on Aug 18, 2020

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I'm no racer but awefully curious in this frame. I love the use of the moulded cover and the front end in complete TPU is pretty cool, albeit a bit ugly.

I'm using 7000kv motors so will try this out in 2s first. I have some 450 gnbs and 550 chnl that fit in the battery bay perfectly.
The RPM of 7000kv on 2s vs the spec build at 4600kv 3s is almost identical. The power curve might be different though.

The betafpv AIO F4 12A FC only has 2x 5v pads limited at 1a so I decided to skip the LEDs. I'm already running the cam,rx & vtx off of two pads.. I'd probably need to run a 5v BEC to hook them up later.

The flywoo goku nano vtx isn't a good fit here. I had to cram it in there so if you're spec'ing out a build, don't use it for this frame unless you want to mount it on top of your FC instead of the given TPU shelf that goes in the back.

--Update 18/8/2020
maiden flight got cut short. racer nano has a loose connection. also was getting massive amounts of noise. Put in a cap and the noise is gone. Swapped out the nano racer for a nano 2 (inferior but works) and video now looks super clean. looks like the wire inside the silicon shielding broke right near the stress relief glue. This is a new camera! c'mon runcam...get your act together.

--31 August 2020
swapped out the cam for a caddx ant
added some leds (only had two strips)
and got the insta360 go print as well

--13 December 2021
dusted this off and got some packs in. finally got some decent rates that are kind of close to what I'm used to on betaflight. The yaw is very sensitive though. Also notice the strength of the pids falcox maintains even at very low throttle, just before zero. To get float you really have to consciously shove the throttle down to zero. still get some flutter with quick snaps so there is more to be tuned...except hard to know where to start with falcox being a whole new system to me.



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morsha   Jun 02, 2022  

Hi, Did the aio last? 12A seems to close to the limit.

daich   Jun 03, 2022 

so far so good!

daich   Aug 28, 2020 

It's in my cart! haha. I'm still trying to sort out VTX/Camera issues. Plus you're not shipping until the 1st of September :P

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