KissV2, FETtec 45A, FETtec OSD, Unify Pro32 wiring

By Rebelution Nova on Jul 26, 2020

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A new OSD has been introduced for KISS firmware users (FETtec OSD). I am currently in the process of building an Armattan Marmotte and waiting on the FETtec 45Amp ESC. A few individuals has asked about a wiring diagram for the FETtec OSD so I have put this together to help others in how to wire up their quads with the new OSD and 4in1 ESC with a KISS V2. My Rotorbuilds site has Wiring diagrams for the builds also. So take a look, hope you enjoy.

Key Fetures:
STM32 F7 processor (216mhz)
MPU-6000 Gyro
DSHOT 2400, OneShot
Full Feature FETtec OSD
FETtec 45amp ESC
FETtec Onewire
1000+ mW output VTX with mic
1/2 inch CMOS sensor for night flying
GPS with flash memory (BN-220) and RTH
Programable LEDS
Self Powered Buzzer with visual repeater
Total regulated 5v output power 2500mA

  • Use a low ESR capacitor with 470uf at 50v instead of the supplied capacitor
    • Stock 470uf at 50v has over 450mohms of resistance where a panasonic FR series is near the same size with only 22mohms resistance and over
      6 times the capability of handling ripple current at 2.3amps



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Spagatti   Dec 11, 2020  

Hello, where should I mount the fettec spike absorber with the capacitor? What awg size should I use to mount them? Thank you so much!

Briefly Flying FPV   Aug 14, 2020  

Thanks for the diagram. Just used it today on a build and worked like a charm. Just a small note/correction: if you connect the Ground wire from the OSD to the Serial 1 port when you have a GPS module connected or selected in Serial config, OSD will not work properly. Some times it will boot sometimes it won't. You only need to have one ground, the one directly from the FC or the VTX, both for some reason causes problems. Maybe some ground loop issue. Tested on two different rigs. Cheers!

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