2s Micro Raven

By onemorepabst on Jul 23, 2020

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Probably one of my most fun builds to fly. I can sustain the throttle at like 80%+ with little battery sag, and have control at speed. A RDQ 450 2s gets me 3 minutes of aggressive flight. For parts choice, I basically went all out except for the vtx and rx. I stuck with the eachine nano vtx and fullspeed nano frsky rx for the same reasons: because it just works and its size. I also decided to put some led's on the arms, which was challenging but looks super sick and totally worth it.

Frame: PicklePick 65mm (2.5mm thick 3 hole motor mount)
I had this cut by armattan, has nice chamfered edges. Strong for its extremely minimal design. One of the few options with the motor mounting I needed. Props to LeDrone.club creator

Motors: Amaxinno 1103 7500kv (3 hole mount)
Fantastic quality motors, performance is no joke these are the real deal. Build quality is top tier, bearings are smooth af, stator widings look high quality (the red color is ) I have the weird 3 hole mount pattern but I belive there is a more common 4 hole pattern available. Motor wires are pretty thin as well but ended up being easier to solder to the leds on the arms.

FC: GepRC 12a AIO
This has been working great for me so far, does all the stuff in betaflight I need it to with no problems. Thicc pcb board but I like it
Motor wire pads are pretty small if you decide to not use plugs (they come with the fc)

Camera: Caddx Baby Ratel
Top-tier camera, handles low light and changing light really well. Colors are bright and accurate and image is clear. Not even a fair comparison to what I usually use (turbo eos 2) this is wayyy better.

VTX & RX: Eachine nano & Fullspeed Frsky Nano
Tried and true parts. VTX has smart audio, RX has RSSI output.

Props: Gemfan 65mm biblades
Nothing special here, just goes well with the motors and not amp hungry.

Batteries: RDQ 450 2s
Get some.

Micro Raven canopy, Flywoo leds, Polyken tape (great stuff) to hold down wires, ummagrip



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sharkbyte   Sep 28, 2020  


Total dry weight?

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