QSL Hydrophobe

By QSLabs on Jul 14, 2020

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At Quad Standard Labs we specialize in professionally built and tuned drones to be used by professionals in creating unique and industry defining content.

When I first met Andy Shen in 2016 he was dubbed "The Enzo Ferrari of drones" by Randy Scott Slavin. That has always rung true to me and over the years I have been privileged enough to work with Andy in various ways. One of the core ideals that we focus on at QSLabs is providing the very best platforms no matter the situation. For this reason and many others we specifically build Shendrone products because of the effort and time Andy spends designing and working with real world pilots like Gabriel Kocher (Gab707) and the Hydrophobe.

If you do not already know, Andy blogs about his design processes here: Shendrones.com and we implore you to dive into the finer details of all of his work. For now the short version of the Hydrophobe conception is that Gab needed a proper platform for collecting Whale Snot, yup thats what it was built for! After this concept turn reality Gab quickly recognized the safety net that Hydrophobe provided not just in landing on and then taking off from water but more so simply contained protection of the components no matter the environment. Couple this with the design being a variant of the proven Ichabod Jr frame and it makes for the ultimate cruiser in the 5" category.

The two builds featured were identical, aside from one being the prototype frame and one the production version, and were built for our client Raphael at Flow Motion Aerials. It just might be the best flying 5" we ever built and Raphael agrees as its what he has standardized his 5" fleet with.

Come check us out at QuadStandardLabs.com/buy-now/ols/products/shendrones-hydrophobe-waterproof-fpv-drone



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Bikke Vliegen FPV   Jul 31, 2021  

Would you just cut out some float foam in the shape of the frame to make it float? I want to use it over the ocean. Cuz the way Andy does seems like it would catch a lot of wind which makes the whole concept useless to use over the ocean. Also, if it would sink when landing on water, there is not so much benefit anymore over a normal, lighter quad.

crashingdrones   Jun 13, 2021  
TimE FPV   Aug 28, 2020  

bout to be building one of these!!! you got any tips I should know about before I start?

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