Tadpole 2 cell 65mm.

By Croox on Jul 04, 2020

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LONG time lurker first post....So have seen a few Tadpole builds, but it seems as if everyone is doing 3 or 4s and mostly using the larger 3 in tadpole frame. I decided to swim against the stream with this tadpole(no pun intended) as I chose to go two cell with smaller props, in the 65mm gemfan bi-blade and the smallest brushless motor I have ever used in the Xing Nano 1103 Next gen Motor. I opted for the 8000kv version as I mostly plan to fly this in my backyard and wanted as much control over the craft when in tight situations, as I am a man of many situations. I paired this motor and prop combo with the Flywoo GOKU F411 FC Stack as it included the FC,ESC and VTX up to 400mw (w/ tramp smart audio), in a small and light package that was perfect for this build. Also used the caddx ant nano for the fpv camera. Weight was a big priority in this build as I only plan on using 2s and things just dont feel right if the quad is too heavy. I am ok with the final weight of 58.6(dry) although I could get it a bit lighter this lets me keep all functionality of motor accessibility with the racewire micro and a great amount of output power to vtx /with smart audio. As for the battery I went with the Pulse 450 mAh at 87.3g and the 300 mAh at 79.0. Was a tricky build as everything is so small but I took my time and continuity checked often as it is very easy to bridge components on this tiny build.



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Sharkey5150fpv   Jul 06, 2020  

Thanks for the inspiration! I got an Armattan "Tadpole 65mm" frame really early. As soon as I saw Armattan was designing this frame I jumped on and pre-ordered the frame out of the first batch. One, because it looks so cool and reminds me a lot of my very first Armattan build frames.The 5" and 6" Chameleon frame with lifetime warranty. Btw, after building and flying for just over a week, I let a "area Pro racer" friend take the sticks of my 6" version. After 2 1/2 minutes of breath taking speeds and turns, as a last punch-out on the pack my friend slammed it into a steel power pole at near top speed. Surprisingly, only breaking one arm. Armattan to the rescue! Took pictures, emailed to Armattan and within a couple weeks I had a brand new frame in hand. So, don't ever let anyone tell you Armattan doesn't stand behind their products.👍👍 A very quick and easy system. Its a great feeling knowing the $100+ paid on a frame from Armattan basically keeps you with a frame for life. I belive I am now ready to build the tiny 65mm propped version. of course this come after I see a neew 3" is now availiable.

Croox   Jul 06, 2020 

Yea Armattan is awesome, and the warranty!! Just posted my Chameleon Ti-LR 7 check it out. Gotta say I am a fan of their frame design really allow for a neat build and am glad to hear they stand by their warranty.

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