Tadpole 3" with Caddx Vista

By CappyAmerica on Jul 02, 2020

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I built a 4s Tadpole 3 screamer that uses DJI digital.

Every since Armattan created their Tadpole frame, I have wanted to put DJI digital into one of these tiny frames. Alas, the DJI Air Unit was too big for the tiny Tadpole. Then came the Caddx Vista, which would fit in the Tadpole, but not with the full-sized DJI camera. Then came the Caddx Nebula camera. The nano size was going to be a perfect fit.

The next issue would be the sloping top plate of the Tadpole, which slopes from 20mm at the front to 14mm at the back. I decided to use the Tadpole 3" frame, but it retained the very same area for electronics. I found a 3D printed mount (PLA) that would allow the Vista to be mounted directly above a Whoop style AIO - but still the height was 3mm too short, and in addition it still sloped to about 14mm in the back of the top plate.

The solution for the vertical space needed came from some spare hardware left over from a GEPRC Cygnet CX3 that could provide the 2 rear brackets for the Tadpole, which raised the height of the top plate to 23mm - enough to fit the BetaFPV AIO, the 3D printed mount, and the Caddx Vista. I use 4mm standoffs at the front of the top plate to give 23mm room for AIO, 3D mount, Vista, and battery strap.

Originally, I used Gemfan Hurricane 3016 props, but changed those out for the Emax Avian 3x2.14x3 still giving about 6 minutes flight time. The Tadpole 3" HD weighs about 110 grams, with AUW of 165 with 450mAh 4s lipo. I also changed out the RushFPV Cherry antenna that came with the Vista for a simple whip antenna to save some more weight.



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kobi_kobsen   Apr 03, 2021  

I just printed a small spacer that pushed the real a few mm higher to make space for the naked vista.

Havok   Nov 21, 2020  

i have a build very similar to this, would you mind sharing your tune?

CappyAmerica   Nov 21, 2020 

Stock tune for BF 4.2 with RPM filtering on and DMin off.

Havok   Nov 21, 2020 

ugh... mine has horrible prop wash, and jello

ivicanikolic034   Nov 03, 2020  

how is it not a problem that vista presses down on fc? it can mess with gyro, i think.... does it show sometimes?
also, is that tpu vista mount strong enough? i dont want my vista catapulted when i crash :D

CappyAmerica   Nov 03, 2020 

There is a 3D printed mount that keeps the Vista from touching the FC.

ivicanikolic034   Nov 03, 2020 

i see,but it still looks like it presses down... mount is soft :/

cbdtea   Sep 06, 2020  

Love the build, I'm considering something similar. Think it could lift a GoPro Hero 8? Hahah.

sfonkter   Aug 26, 2020  

Do you have flight footage? And how is that motor/prop setup? I was thinking of a similar build with same motors/props but on 3800kv

CappyAmerica   Aug 26, 2020 

Motor and props are great. 3s is great, and even 4s works inspite of the high kv. Here is video of the maiden for the Tadpole HD:

Rudygon   Jul 10, 2020  

thats working it! looks like it could rip for sure! hard to tell if you did but use steel screws to hold the vista its heavy during a crash.

CappyAmerica   Jul 10, 2020 

The Vista is held in with a 3D printed mount and held in position between AIO and the top plate.

Knockout3DFPV   Jul 05, 2020  

Sick build! I wanted this frame but didnt know how i would go about putting the vista in it. Great ingenuity using the cygnet rear pieces!

CappyAmerica   Jul 08, 2020 

he GEPRC back braces are also on Race Day Quads (not currently in stock): https://www.racedayquads.com/products/geprc-cinequeen-rear-brace-set?variant=31319223566449

gtang224   Jul 08, 2020  

Can this use the dji controller? and do you have a build video?

CappyAmerica   Jul 08, 2020 

Yes, I use the DJI Controller. No build video, but it is pretty straight forward once you use the 4mm stand offs in the front, and the GEPRC back braces. The GEPRC back braces are also on Race Day Quads (not currently in stock): https://www.racedayquads.com/products/geprc-cinequeen-rear-brace-set?variant=31319223566449

OptimaZe   Jul 07, 2020  


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