3" 1S BabyTooth (34.4g)

By alwaysbless on Jun 17, 2020

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My take on Kababs 3" 1s Ultralight BabyTooth frame. More details below.

The Build:

I wanted a build with a standalone vtx and rx because the signal would be more reliable then ones found integrated directly into the FC. The range on this thing is fantastic and dry weight turned out to be only 34.4g

Motors: 1202.5 motors seem over torquey in every video I've seen and Im not a big fan of the lower kv + extra weight so opted to use some 1102 14000kv motors which turned out to be a solid choice. These particular motors only have a 1mm shaft so it is required that you use m2 bolts to secure the props other wise you're stuck with 2.5" press fit props which would be pointless on a 3" frame.

Flight Controller: Its cheap but it gets the job done and its been super reliable so far. I de-pinned mine for the weight savings but in theory you could probably solder to the underside where the pins stick out the FC without having to remove the connectors.

VTX: Another super cheap option that probably not many have heard of but Ive been flying these on my 1s picks since my v2 build and I still have yet to burn one out + they give excellent reception vs built in vtx's like on the crazybee f4 lite.

Weight: Did a lot here to keep the weight down 1) Nylon nuts and screws to mount the FC 2) 1.5mm version of the frame 3) Depinned the FC 4) Clipped 2 of 3 lense shields off of the Camera mount 5) Used light weight camera, vtx and rx (Approx 4g total for all)

Flight footage:



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Amadneon   Sep 23, 2021  

Hi, is the 5A esc output of your FC enough to sustain the motor current draw? I want to build an ultralight like you too but im concerned about the esc bottlenecking the motors.

alwaysbless   Sep 28, 2021 

5A is more than enough

SquishinStix   Dec 20, 2020  

Ridiculously light build. Those smaller motors save a lot of weight. I have my parts incoming for a 1.5mm Babytooth build using an AIO with receiver and VTX and am hoping for 37g...

alwaysbless   Dec 20, 2020 

I got a V2 coming in @ 28g exactly. Ill get it posted it up some time this week hopefully.

SquishinStix   Dec 20, 2020 

hell ya! can't wait to see it!

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