S500 II

By Charles on Nov 18, 2015

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Looking to build a stable platform to perform slower speed aerial searches



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Jimlp1   Aug 05, 2017  

Hi..! I'm new to S500 Quadcopter, just ordered a bunch of parts instead of a pre-determined kit from China. I'm going with the Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller, GPS, & Compass, DJI 2212 920kv motors, Carbon Fiber 1045 props, SimonK 30A ESC's, still working on the Transmitter/Receiver, Camera, etc. I've seen your post here on this build, I'm not out to copy it, but I'm curious as to what the Teeny is and what it's used for. I've looked on the Internet and all I can find is places that sell it, nothing about it's use/purpose in RC world....? Thanks in advance, James.....

Charles   Aug 23, 2017 

The link to the teensy board software is here https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=560913 it is also able to do some custom light controlling....you will like the pixhawk....I now have 4 Pixhawk 2.1's flying , also the Here + rtk gps system on the Stretched Tarot 680 frame....I apologize for being over 2 weeks replying to you..things been busy here..hope this info will help you some


Charles   Jan 01, 2016  

Set it up for some auto tuneing, to much wind so far, but I have completed the 2nd round of PM calibration using this method: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2279282
was real close after the first round but much closer now to what the charger puts back in the battery compared to what is metered out by the FC , the teensy mod sending telemetry back to the Tarinus is so handy, it and the logs are right on and on screen.
To get the data to calibrate the PM I simply put the quad in loiter for the life of the battery, both loiters have been in the 14 minute and change duration's using a 5200 MAH battery

Whiffles   Jan 01, 2016 

Did you do a yaw autotune? That's the one thing I'd love to have over my APM FC.

Charles   Jan 01, 2016 

What ever autotune function autotunes, it was windy and I ran it thru 2 batteries and didnt complete , I saved the pids cause it is flying better but I am still not done. I need to try early in the am, but dang it, its cold out at that time..lol
I am amazed at the 2216 motors and the 1147 props over lost girl with 2212 motors and 1045 props, Lost girl hovers at 22 amps, while the new build hovers at 17-18 amps

Charles   May 10, 2016 

It finally registered , your question....and yes, I wasnt expecting the yaw tune lol , I about aborted the tune when yaw started. I am looking forward to firmware 3.4

Charles   Dec 21, 2015  

Test flight Saturday, with a fully charged 5200 mah battery about 75% of the time in position hold it was a 13.5 minute flight, twitchy she needs tuned, was testing in gusting to 15mph winds, did a couple almost RTL , loiter, alt hold, in the wind was flying in position hold fpv , got a surprise when the Taranis announced low rssi not 750 ft away so I have remounted the X8R antennas , all in all good flights, when I went to look at the logs there were not any, so 3 flights later I finally got a log after replacing the micro sd card with a new one, my computer can read an write to the one in the Pix but the Pix couldnt write to it?
I was most interested in vibration, 5vdc voltage to the PIX to begin with, I did have a bit of a problem getting it into a gps mode on the 3rd flight had to swap back and forth a couple times.
The PixHawk came with the fancy vib adsorbing mount, so yeah you guessed it, zeal between the pix and the mount, mounted the mount on zeal...lol imu x and y allowed + to - 3 z -5 to -15 these are the new 1145 carbon fiber props, SS 2216 900 kv motors.

Taking off she needs a quick burst to get off the ground or a tip will occur, the 2nd flight I did about 20 take off and landings, no takeoffs as graceful as Lost Girl I do not have the power module fully calibrated BUT the scotty board showed me doing position holds at 17 to 18 amps on the new build, and with Lost Girl she is using 22 to 23 amps, Lost girl is just a bit heavier, the weight of a gimbal heavier

For anyone with a Taranis you really should check out Scottflys work with the teensy board, it is an easy mod that is really well worth the time and 14.00 for getting telemetry back to the Taranis, as an addition he is working with getting mavlink data to drive led lighting, so the led pattern can change with quad stick movements etc, that part of the project is evolving as we speak, I have telemetry working and will order some leds after the 1st of the year to light my quads.
Scottys blog http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=560913
I liked the way it worked so well I scrapped the FrSky telemetry module on Lost girl My 1st 500 build and put the scotty board in her also. Took an hour taking the old board and wiring out, building the new harnesses and getting it talking to each other.
The neat thing with the software Scotty has written is he is using the led on the board to flash error codes telling you if there is a problem!

Whiffles   Dec 22, 2015 

That's a great flight time! How did you measure your battery level during flight?

Charles   Dec 22, 2015 

I simply calibrated the voltage portion of the power module, the scotty board sent the voltage back to the led on the taranis as well as to tower, I landed at 10.3 volts

Whiffles   Dec 11, 2015  

How's the build coming along?

Charles   Dec 13, 2015 

I am very close to having it done waiting on a few extra parts, a 12 volt regulator, a video switch

Charles   Dec 13, 2015 

Posted some pics of it under the xmas tree lol

Whiffles   Dec 14, 2015 

Awesome! Looking good.

Charles   Nov 18, 2015  

My goal is an efficient aerial search platform,
I chose the S500 frame over the smaller frames for stability, and weight capacity,
The Yi camera has proven itself a lightweight quality action camera that is not bank breaking expensive.
After owning and flying a Pixhawk and an APM and a choice a PIxHawk will be my choice everytime.
First carbon fiber props I have flown and I really like them
I went with the SS V2216 900kv motors for a couple reasons, one I can swing up to a 12 inch prop and 2 they are touted to be a better quality motor then the X series by SunnySky
The GoodLuckBuy Storm 32 3 axis Gimbal, price is right , tuning can be an issue
I am a sold user of the FrSky equipment and the teensy board will be implemented to get another version of telemetry back to the Taranis itself using the Teensy board and X8R rx
I bought the PixHawk Kit including 915 mhz telemetry and an osd board the Ublox M8N Gps compass unit Power Module and other goodies.
Fpv I will try a 1.3 Ghz system to get better performance with fpv flying low over wooded areas.
And lastly a lost model finder, sadly after loosing my first S500 this will be a necessity for me .

Charles   Dec 10, 2015 

I got the lost girl back together, flew her in my work room, for a few minutes no more then a foot off the floor, since one of the motors that got wet died during the first under load test I have a full set of SS 2212 's coming, I am going to send the 4 that got wet to Jasper a guy on the RCG fourm that likes winding motors, he wants to do some testing with the SS motors so he can have fun, and I will pay him for at least his expenses and I will see about getting a custom wind on the set of SS 2212 motors back

johnslims   Nov 27, 2015  

How did you loose your quad?That device seems really pricey for this kinda range
(The Loc8tor Lite system has a range of up to 122m/400ft)

Charles   Dec 01, 2015 

Battery cable come unplugged @ 360 ft altitude. I found her Thanksgiving morning, upright on the landing legs...minor damage, came down in a heavily overgrown pasture, so she had a cushioned landing...about 15.00 of frame parts and both batteries are bad 50.00
All the electronics have been dried out and tested but the storm32 board, all works.
I looked at the loc8ter, has a bit more range then the cheaper units, it has 2 modules so the price per quad is half ..

Charles   Dec 01, 2015 

Started the build, will post some pictures bit later

Whiffles   Dec 03, 2015 

Looking good!

Whiffles   Nov 19, 2015  

Nice looking frame. It's hard to tell if it comes with the battery/gimbal tubes under the bottom plate. This should be a pretty nice rig with those motors and that FC.

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Whiffles   Nov 19, 2015 

Those motors should do pretty nicely. I'm curious to see what sort of flight times you'll get with this. What you're building here is almost my dream AP build, but I'm happy with my 980kvs.

Charles   Nov 19, 2015 

I was flying with 10,400 mah worth of batteries, I never weighed the quad so weight would be a guess however according to the taranis hover was solid at that weight with a 54% throttle setting, I was still tuning the battery monitoring system, but my last flight was 15 minutes and put 7500 mah of juice back in the batteries before I lost the thing, The lost quad finder has the remotes for 2 quads so that cost can be halfed. Fingers crossed on the Buddy SIte the reports back is the V2216 motor increased flight times?

Whiffles   Nov 19, 2015 

I think generally the lower the kv the longer your flight times will be because you can support larger props. Bummer about the lost quad!

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