Cinerat 6s

By KwadGoneMadFPV on May 05, 2020

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Another Cinerat because you can never have enough!
This time with on 6s with smooth xing 1507 2800kv.
I thought that this Zeus 35A AiO will have more problems with noise etc. but the video is super clean !

GoproHero 7 footage:

Happy flying!


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oso.fpv   Sep 10, 2020  

What is the weight of the frame?

SebOPaolo   Feb 11, 2021 

@oso.fpv 137g on min, including propguards.
210g with my stack (hglrc), 4x T motors 1507, vtx and analog cam.

hvilorio   May 27, 2020  

Hi, I built a similar CineRat, but I'm getting motor desync when I pump throttle to full very quickly, I think it might be a configuration issue, because it does the same with 3 different ESC and 2 FC, I just tried to change on the ESC side the Motor Timing to Auto and the Demag Compensation to High and smoked a motor. Can you share your PIDs and your ESC settings? Thanks in advance!

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hvilorio   May 27, 2020 

Thanks! Could you grab a screenshot of the BLHeli_32 settings, I think my problem is with Motor Timing and Demag.

KwadGoneMadFPV   Jun 02, 2020 

I don't have blheli32

RAFAEL FONTES   Jan 03, 2021 

friend, if your ESC is bhleli32 put it at 48khz, this will significantly improve your flight! if blheliS install the JESC firmware and use it at 48khz

johnwhip   Jun 06, 2020  

Hey man. Is it really possible to use TBS Nano 5G8 v1.1 VTX with 6S battery. Does it really handle 6s battery?. What is the difference TBS Nano 5G8 and TBS Nano 5G8 V1.1?.Which one should I buy?.Thanks in advance

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johnwhip   Jun 07, 2020 

Is this vtx for 4s or 6s builds?

KwadGoneMadFPV   Jun 09, 2020 

this is for any build you just have to connect it to 5v

victorsmonster   Oct 31, 2020 

johnwhip you can't connect it to vbat on 6s but you can power it from a 5v or 9v regulator.

Mikerossi   Aug 24, 2020  

Hi mate, could I know what are you filtering and pids?
I just finished building it and I just did a test fly for like 20 seconds and the motors are burning hot.
Xing 1507 2800kv
Im using 6s 1300mah
( I know its super heavy) but should be fine as would be even heavier with a gopro 8 and 6s 850mha.

RZFPV   May 05, 2020  

what type of flight times r u getting

KwadGoneMadFPV   May 06, 2020 

with this gopro and 1100 mah 6s , more than 4 min

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