By kwadkenstine on Apr 30, 2020

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Things i build i know i should not .
EDF 2212 3500kv X 8
Racerstar 35a esc X 2
Momba FC
1500mah 4s X 2
The momba has motor pads and a plug,
Plug plug one esc
Solder and plug esc no 2.
Plug in one esc at a time to flash and configure.
2 xt60 connectors one for each esc and joined together in parrallell
Spotto the ants.



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OtterFire   May 04, 2020  

if mad max was a quadcoptor!

Jodie Froster   May 02, 2020  

I'm feelin' that aluminum cage, you are really evolving. I would love to witness the sound and the fury of that x8. I wonder if the prop seperation is working for, or against you (since you are only using 4 motor outputs)? I know the flight code is idealised for 4 motors...

Jayembee67   Apr 30, 2020  

More X8 madness, and another excellent build! I do like all the aluminium work you are doing. So by the props, this is still the 4-motor-octocopter setup you have had going on, but is there any noticable effect from more vertical separation between the props? Apart from it looking even cooler? ;-)

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Jayembee67   May 01, 2020 

Oh yes, I bet it does get noisey! :-) Most excellent (that's one of my favourite aspects of these X8's). But good, glad it's a least flying, and alrighty then, I'll await further tests and keep an eye on YouTube! I'm really interested by that huge vertical prop separation.

kwadkenstine   May 01, 2020 

Soo ,,, i have flown it 3 times now and its a handfull, its so heavy the default pids cant cope. will have to tune it some but i dont have enough battery to feed the beast. i get the feeling it needs a Big 6s and a throttle limit and or motor limit. Also a set of heavy pitch bi blades. I also am making some ducts these will be tapered to fit 5 inch up front and 3 inch behind tapering to less than 3 in. this is in the hope it will make enough thrust to fly and increase the volicity of the air leaving the duct to above that from bare blades , increasing top speed , In theory!!!.
The biggest problem is the noise , the neighbours barely tolerate a std 5 inch , and this thing screams.

Jayembee67   May 01, 2020 

Yeah, that's a lot of metal you are hauling about there with all that motor. And I would go with the bi-blades too; triblades on my X8s are just too much, too much rattle and shake for one thing. And tapered ducts for this thing?! Oh the madness, and yet, that's brilliant. If nothing else, it will be utterly unique! :-D

And yeah, I know what you mean, people are starting to move in at the building site I fly the X8 at, they won't be putting up with that for much longer. But I do kind of love the racket!

sergetania   Apr 30, 2020  

Wow! Proud of knowing you!!! In Awe!!! One drone to rule them all!

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