By daich on May 01, 2020

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piece mealed a 75mm whoop together for some insta360 fun

split a mobula7 aio camera and couldn't find any pinout diagrams online so I made one for future reference



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peri   Dec 01, 2020  

Hi, I'm thinking about giving the build a go!

I'm looking at the 3D printed camera mount + base and there are several versions in the thingiverse page. Are you are using the Beta85X base?

daich   Dec 01, 2020 

yep, that's the one! and use the inner holes, the ones that line up with the FC mounts

Whiffles   May 04, 2020  

I've got an Insta360 Go on the way. How do you like it?

daich   May 04, 2020 

the stabilisation is amaaaazing for the size. really cool little device which opens up a whole new world for these micros. Pros: ease of use...from shooting to posting...all done in their app, including a library of music. the FOV is absolutely AWESOME and is my favourite part of this camera. the 1:1 format gives incredible amount of minimally distorted field of view. I've taken some of that footage and did an artificial superview to 4:3 and it looks pretty awesome. being able to download it immmediately onto your iphone is pretty awesome. Size & Weight - surprisingly tiny.
Price pretty expensive for what it is, but actually the fit & finish is reflected in the price. 8gb is just not enough. two 5 min flights and one one 2 min and you're just about full. 25fps 1080p - although it is good quality, I feel at this price point it should be at least 1440p and 60fps. No way to use ND filters.

I'm scheming some cool edits with this camera but I just can't get out to fly due to the lockdown. I feel the stabilised videos that are getting pumped out these days are a bit sterile unless there are tight gaps and high speed proximity.

daich   May 04, 2020 

some footage with it taped to the bottom of a mobula7 :P

Whiffles   May 04, 2020 

Some good points there. Great to hear the FOV is wide enough. I was really disappointed with the Tarsier FOV. For the price it really should do more than 1080p, but I think this is the first non-GoPro do to stabilization well. The size and weight are also great! Can't wait to try it out. I've got the Eachine Viswhoop coming as well. I thought it'd be the perfect platform for this.

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