Stinkbug 150- My First Build

By GeckoDragon on Apr 26, 2020

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So this is my very first attempt at a custom build. I was inspired to use this frame by another build I saw here.  Turns out that was the only build I could find to go from, so I mostly just winged it. The F7 stack is probably overkill, but I am new to this and didn't want to worry about stuff like inverted s.bus (seemed like it would simplify some things).  Just a mock-up for now, still waiting on Rx, VTx, and solder supplies. Hoping to keep all-up weight under 250g, but I may have to downsize the battery to do so.  I will update with pics of the build process once I can get started.

Edit: Any and all input is appreciated!


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inCarsoNated   Mar 27, 2021  

so? howd it fly? any issues with the osd flying analog?

GeckoDragon   Mar 29, 2021 

Hey there, appreciate the interest! Unfortunately I borked the stack I bought from a lack of solder skills, and never got it in the air. So I bought a couple Diatone GT-R 349s and got better at soldering via fixing them when I crashed. Couple months ago I finally had the confidence to try building again, and put together a phreakstyle slam that I am having a blast with! Just got a BangGod 5" in the mail today for my first digital HD build. Right now I am studying for the 14 CFR Part 107 exam so I can fly commercially in the USA, but I do still want to get PinkBug in the air at some point, thanks for the reminder and I'll try to update when that happens. Cheers!

Yinka_Brasil   Apr 27, 2020  

NewBeeDrone has this frame on their site with no specs whatsoever, not even the weight. I was wondering how you even came to the conclusion buying this frame when all the crtical data for a good build is missing from the site. Nevertheless, hope your parts arrive soon and you quad is in the air!

GeckoDragon   Apr 27, 2020 

Haha yeah I'm still scratching my head over that decision 😅.  No regrets though. It forced me to make all my own decisions as far as components and fit, and the requisite studying to figure it all out.  Oscar Liang and Josh Bardwell were of immense help...
I've only been flying a few months, and nothing outside the Tinyhawk line.  My goal is to fly professionally, so there's nothing like a good challenge
Edit: The frame is 51g
Edit2: I liked that it was developed from an in-house test mule that became popular internally

Yinka_Brasil   Apr 28, 2020 

thanks bro!! please post again when you've completed the build.....Will be looking forward to it, honestly! I'm kinda, sorta in the same boat: waiting for parts, like everyone has really did a number on all of us, but the wait means more time for researching the build. All the best and thanks again for the frame weight !

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