Sanchez Air 1s Toothpick Class 38grams

By Abonacci on Apr 25, 2020

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This is the perfect quad for my backyard, the main drawback of this build is the range of the spi reciever in the Beta board. It is terrible. I wish I had gone with the no rx board and sacrificed a few grams. Unless you plan on never wanting to go more than 50 yards away, get the no rx version. My particular build seems to fly great on the Gemfan 3018 biblades, it didnt like the 3016 triblade props very much for some reason. I fly it on the emax 450mah 1s and GNB 600mah 1s. I actually like the few extra grams of the 600. It feels a bit smoother cutting through turns.

I plan to switch to plastic screws for the board and possibly aluminum or titanium motor screws,



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Julian-FPV   May 01, 2020  

dude i cannot get my fc to bind. how did u get yours working?

Abonacci   May 02, 2020 

Did you get it ? I had problems as well, i can look in my settings as to how i have it set if you still need help.

Julian-FPV   May 08, 2020 

Sorry im getting back to you this late. this is the first op ive had. i still cant get it to work. any help would be great

Ender   Apr 28, 2020  

The light weight is impressive! Whish i had one of these.

Impavidus   Apr 27, 2020  

I have the parts for build. Did you use the betaflight profile suggested on I only ask because all I have is the 3016 tri blades and wondering if i should put 3018s on my next order.

Abonacci   Apr 27, 2020 

I did not do any tuning at all. I do like the 3018s though, they are noticeably quieter

Impavidus   Apr 27, 2020 

Hey! thanks for the quick reply. If you absolutely hate the rx on that board, i think you can resource another pad for an xm+ or something. Did it once with my mobula7 because the receiver died. I gave up smart audio for sbus.

Abonacci   Apr 27, 2020 

i was wondering if that was possible , there is one pad for smart audio that I dont use, but I have no idea if its inverted or uninverted or whatever it needs.

The next step on this build it to get it on crossfire with the mini immortal T and a better vtx (my vtx03 in my 3" works great to fly all the way around my house).  If I could keep the same performance and get better control and video range,  that would be amazing.

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