Diatone GT R-349 6S

By ericogr on Apr 14, 2020

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I liked the Diatone GT R349 frame style and I built a 6S version.
RCINPower GTS-V2 1506 3000KV version

To use a new looking good canopy, see https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4663337



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brettdenaro@gmail.com   Aug 18, 2021  

NIce build. I added the Nebular Pro to my GTR 349. So much better. I'm at the point where I no longer want to fly any of my drones on analog.

Bh317   May 03, 2020  

Nice build. Did you have to rework the motor mounting holes on the frame? The frame specs I see everywhere say it has 14mm hole spacing, and so do the mamba motors. Anything else I look at has 12mm spacing, including the motors on this build list.

ericogr   May 03, 2020 

I can confirm to you. The motor mount (diatone r349) has 12mm, not 14mm.

odin0317   Apr 26, 2020  

What is the highest battery it can take. Like do you think it can handle say 90c.

odin0317   Apr 26, 2020 

Also what do you think the highest capacity like maybe 850 mah.

ericogr   Apr 27, 2020 

I see most people using this kind of frame with batteries from 550mah (>=80C) to 650mah (>=70C). I think you can use 850 but in my opinion 650 gives you a good balance of flight time and performance.

Daan   Apr 15, 2020  

Nice build. I was wondering how does it fly with 6S and how long
is the flight time? Whats the weight with the battery approximately?
This frame looks really neat, considering using it in the next build.
Maybe gonna even cheat some parts off this build :D

ericogr   Apr 27, 2020 

thank you.
It is about 270 grams with 650mah 70C battery. Flight time is about 3:30, but you can fly more than 5 minutes if you can take it at low speeds

Sasquads   Apr 14, 2020  

Those motors rock

Jodie Froster   Apr 15, 2020 

dvr plox :)

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