Floss 3.0 w/ DJI FPV System

By wrong17 on Apr 02, 2020

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The Build
This is my second DJI FPV system build and once again I used the 3D printed parts that was designed by M490fpv (https://www.thingiverse.com/M490fpv/designs). But I had to do some modification because I plan to use a 4in1 esc instead of individual esc on the arms. I still went with this design because I like how the camera in pushed forward and up higher on the frame. But this also causes an issued because I now need more clearance for the props. So M490fpv suggested to use 6” arms to solve this problem.

The most difficult part of this build is keeping the stack as low as possible. I was hoping to use 30mm standoffs for the height of the frame and why test fitting everything it seemed possible. I 3D printed some spacers on the bottom of the ESC as a safety precaution so the electronics will not short out if it ever touched the aluminum bottom plate. I did the same for the FC too because there are a few capacitors that rests on top of the aluminum heat sink of the 4in1 ESC. I think I would have made this goal if I removed the aluminum heatsink that is on the Talon 4in1 ESC. But in the end the fit was to tight for my liking, so I end up using 35mm standoff instead. The 5 extra millimeters of space gave me all the room I needed and not worry about the electronics shorting out. So, in the pictures below I no longer need to cut the holes or notch out of the 3D printed DJI AIR unit holder.

After moving on to the 35mm standoff method, the position of the Air Unit was not ideal for my setup so I made a few modifications to the 3D models.
I remixed the Bottom Plate to move the Air Unit further up so there is more room for the antennas. The holes for the standoff was made smaller and now it holds in place without sliding up and down. So now I do not need to use the 10mm spacers. And finially I added a notch to the rear of the Bottom Plate, so the DJI Air Unit’s power cable can feed through from the back.

I am not a fan of MMCX connectors because the cabling they use with it is usually so stiff. For the Antenna Holder I modified the 3D file by removing material where the cable exits the hole. This will give the antenna more space to make the tight turn in the limited spacing.

Finially, the Motor Wire Cover which is not and part that was designed by M490fpv but was taken from a different quad. I reduced the size of the wire cover to fit the Floss’ thin arms.

I included the links for both the original and my remix 3d printed files in my parts list below.

Maiden Flight
The first few flights were good, and the stock Betaflight v4.1.5 PID's and Rates were nice and smooth. But I did not have too much confidence with it yet. I used the similar setup I had with the Floss 2.0 with 2207 Blaster 2450kv motors and Gemfan Hurricane 51466 props. But it did not fly the same because it seems to lack the trust and grip in the air while cornering.

So, I went back to my favorite Gemfan Flash 5552 props that like use on my 6” frames. On my first test flight it was a night and day difference. I got back all the things that was missing with the Gemfan Hurricane 51466 props. In the description for the 51466 props it states “Really great for overall general 5” quad use. High weight won’t perform as well as something that’s around 600g AUW or less.” I am pushed close to 600g when I am using a 1500mah lipo, so that might be the reason why I do not see the same performance is my lighter Floss 2.0.


Part List


Hyperlite Floss 3.0 Race Frame "HYBRID" (8 builds)

Flight Controller

MATEKSYS F722-MINI 20x20 Flight Controller (7 builds)


Talon Gigawatt V2 4in1 20x20 35A 6S ESC (16 builds)


Hypetrain Blaster 2207 2450KV Motor (19 builds)


Gemfan Durable 5552 Tri-Blade 5.5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your ColorClear (20 builds)


Gemfan 51466x3 Hurricane Durable (4pcs) MCK (71 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit Kit (288 builds)
See Site


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (1484 builds)


CNHL MiniStar 1500mAh 4S 14.8V 120C Lipo Battery (21 builds)


Team BlackSheep TBS TANGO 2 V3 PRO RC RADIO (104 builds)


DJI Goggles 2 (7 builds)

3D Printed

Floss 3 6" DJI digital system installation parts by M490fpv
See Site

3D Printed

Floss 3.0 DJI FPV System Parts by wrong17
See Site

HD Camera

GoPro Bones - HERO10 Black (FPV Lightweight Drone Camera) (3 builds)
See Site

Misc Parts

2 x Replacement 6" Floss 3.0 arm

Misc Parts

2 x 4MM ARM BRACE FLOSS 3.0 (choose size) (4 builds)

Battery Charger

HOTA F6+ 1000W 60A 1-6S Quad Channel AC/DC Smart Charger - Grey

Battery Charger

HOTA D6 PRO Dual Charger 1-6S AC200W/DC650W 15A w/ Wireless Cellphone Charging - Black (14 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 Portable Programmable Smart Soldering Iron (264 builds)


Lowepro QuadGuard BP X3 - Drone Backpack for 4 FPV Quad Racing Drones and 15" Laptop w/Exterior Mounts (Black)


iFlight Crystal HD Patch and Stubby 5.8GHz RP-SMA Antenna Set for DJI - LHCP - Carbon
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Lanedaplane   Apr 03, 2020  

how did you adjust the camera to work at a 90' angle

wrong17   Apr 03, 2020 

Sorry for the confusion, I notice I have one picture with the camera in the 90-degree positioned. I was just test fitting the camera without removing the screws.

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