Flynoceros Y-Knot Y4

By Jayembee67 on Mar 03, 2020

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Why build something like this? Well, I say, "Why not...?" thus fulfilling my punning obligations to the Flynoceros Co.

I saw this frame, the Y-Knot, and had to do it. I was originally going to build it in the V-Tail configuration, but in the end that seemed a little fragile and unwieldy. So I went with the Y4 set up, partly because I have wanted a tricopter for ages now, (yeah, yeah, it's not a tri, but near enough), and partly because this makes no sense and surely can't fly. But does look very nifty.

Great work from Flyno with this frame. Another vaguely insane design, of course, but well laid out and nice carbon. I really like that you get the V and Y tail options, very good.

All parts except for the FC and the frame came from the spares bin. Now that I have moved over to the DJI HD gear, all that SD-related stuff is just sitting there, so better it be built into something weird and fun than languish. It does make for a bit of a mixed bag of components though. I also reprinted the TPU to match the motors, which did give it an overall more insectile / piscine aspect. Always a plus.

And it hovers, seems very stable, moves around the back garden slickly enough, and looks rather cool if a little bonkers whilst doing so. It sounds strange though, with that lower back prop sitting right in the wash from above. There didn't seem to be any unexpected oscillations or such in low throttle hover testing though. We'll see...

Flight tests to come.



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aiye400   Oct 11, 2022  

Love this build, very clean. I feel like you can only build so many 5" quads until you want to start branching out and trying something different, and this is great.

kwadkenstine   Mar 03, 2020  

Cool , Including mine this is the 3d or 4th y4 ive seen. Nice work . better looking than mine , But i built mine as a pointed point maker because some smug bastard would not shut up about try copters, I really should apolijise to him for being an ass , but there ya go

Jayembee67   Mar 03, 2020 

Thank you. And feh to the looks, your builds are always excellent. Your force-of-will determination to make these crazy flying things is an inspiration!

fiveomustang   Mar 03, 2020  

Looks awesome man! Post a flight video when you get one! Here is mine from last year in V-tail config:

Jayembee67   Mar 03, 2020 

Yes, your build was what pushed me over the edge as it goes. I saw the frame on the Flyno site, then came here to see, saw your build and clicked buy... ;-)

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