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By apexfpv on Apr 08, 2020

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The "Cypress" frame is a brainchild between myself and DCL-drafted pilot Jonathan "ImperiusFPV" Ficklin. He came to me with the intent of creating the most durable, best flying, and feature rich 5" racing frame out there. The combination of the weight, stretched-x geometry, the stance, body-style, and the reduced drag creates an experience that myself, and every other person who has their hand on this frame has never felt before. This frame is meant to compete with all other top-of-the-line frames. The feeling is incredible and is unlike any other frame I've ever flown. Coming at 68 grams including the 3D prints (Camera and VTX antenna mount), this frame is very light compared to other frames (not as light as some). We wanted this frame to have no compromises whatsoever. There is plenty of room to have all of the parts you could ever need. You can comfortably fit 30x30 stacks with ease. If you would like to check out other builds, you can look on Instagram for @darksilver.fpv, @imperiusfpv, and @mpmiller.fpv. I've heard nothing but good from these people and I really hope to get this frame into the hands of many people. I think it's really important that I am in constant communication with my customers so if you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram @apexfpv or @apexquaddesign, or email me at apexquaddesign@gmail.com.

Also you can check out a livestream of Jonathan Ficklin building his second Cypress while interviewing me here: https://www.facebook.com/ImperiusFPV/videos/234245441316490

Thank you everyone for supporting me and I hope that I can meet more of you guys once this pandemic slows down.

Now onto the build!

I wanted it to be a "Premium budget" build, if that makes sense. All parts I got for relatively cheap while waiting for them to go on sale. I went with the T-motor VELOX 2207 1950KV motors because they perfectly fit my style. These motors on 6S combined with their T5147 props are just amazing. They are $13.99, but they are still backed by T-motors quality control and premium feel; and they're orange ;). I went with the NewBeeDrone Infinity 200 stack because 1. I wanted to try 20x20, and 2. they have all of the amazing features you would expect. Built in ESC programmable LEDs, aluminum milled heatsink, 45a rating, M3 grommets, and easy plug-and-play connections. The Predator V4 Micro I got from RaceDayQuads for $27 (or something like that, I can't remember. Thats also why it's purple) This camera combined with the Rush TIny Tank VTX provides amazing video and somewhat easy set up. The build went pretty easy and I didn't run into any major issues, thankfully.



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