Seagull Micro

By The Van on Feb 16, 2020

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Hey folks! It's been a long while, but Nomad is still very much alive - so here's a quick update.

This prototype is a slammed 2.5" top-mount frame, housing a TinyHawk S stack and Runcam Racer 3, carried by Diatone's 1103 Mamba motors. The idea is to produce share-worthy DVR with no props in frame, with toothpick-like performance. This unit falls short for a few reasons:

The camera - The Racer Nano is.. put lightly.. terrible. What I first thought was a big smudge on the lens turned out to be caused by the camera's WDR function. It blurs light/dark transitions to a point where sometimes I just have no clue what I'm looking at. Big oof.

Prop size - This one took some time to realize, but the craft really should be 3". At 50g dry, it's a little too heavy for the powertrain to give you the right balance of flight time & performance. The next model will be sized for 3" props, and will likely use 13XX motors.

TPU - There are two TPU prints onboard. The camera cage, and the rear bit which is only there so it sits flat. The rear bit has to go as it's dead weight, and the camera cage needs to be more durable. Will be overhauling the cage with either a stronger print, or CF plates.

The good:
Believe it or not, the slammed layout and tighter distribution of weight makes a noticeable difference at these sizes. Coupled with good camera position, the feeling is super locked-in during flight.

Also, the motors are nice. And the variety of supported stack sizes (Whoop Boards, 16x16, and TinyHawk boards)



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geereonfpv   Jun 28, 2020  

is there a link to the frame?

Cooper   Mar 03, 2020  

where can i get the frame

bistro   Mar 01, 2020  

Any chance that you would share design files? I would love to try this one (looking for top mounted 2.5" frame)

MrHobbs   Feb 18, 2020  

Stylish, no props in view, and light. Very nice work!

Do you think you could fit an onboard diamond DVR into the stack? Maybe if you direct soldered the motor wires?

The Van   Feb 18, 2020 

Definitely not with the Tinyhawk board, but maybe with a normal whoop-stack underneath! Also, this configuration has 10mm stack height where there will also be a 15mm variant 👍

Nabla   Feb 17, 2020  

What's the weight on this little guy?

The Van   Feb 17, 2020 

Exactly 50.0g as pictured

Samiel2d   Feb 16, 2020  

i like the look of this compared to a traditional toothpick build. looking forward to finding out when i can get my paws on a 3" version.

thumbtwiddler   Feb 16, 2020  

looks great! nice to have ya back man

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