Lapu Lapu the Explorer Killer - Micro Long Range

By Pairadime on Apr 12, 2020

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I started this build following Dave Clédon's recommend parts
But after the initial flight I didn't enjoy the minimum camera angle.  I like the Camera almost level to the frame, maybe a 10 degree up tilt and the ribbon on the Tarsier Cam prevented it from being angled lower then about 30.  I was going to take the quad apart and reconfigure but the recommended FC that I got was faulty and only had one Uart working.  So at this point I was about to give up on the build.  Then Nick from CNC madness posted about a premium version withi dual 20x20 stacks.

And then in a flash of inspiration I decided that a Caddx Vista FPV system would make the quad even better.

Yesterday I finally took her out after months of waiting for parts.  But I gotta say the Caddx Vista DJI FPV system is really as good as everyone is saying.  Yes its not perfect but damn its good.  Really Good!

Third Flight:

Hopefully better resolution:

Edit: May 8, 2020: changed FC twice, now rocking Talon F7 Fusion,  added old broken arm from iflight Battleaxe for camera protection, and added lens protector.  



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aubey   Aug 30, 2020  

Where did you get the STL for the camera mount?

Pairadime   Aug 30, 2020 

The Iflight DC3 has the same stand off spacing

aubey   Aug 31, 2020 

Do you think this would fit a standard analog cam?

Pairadime   Aug 31, 2020 

It will fit Micro Cams: 19mm wide

jasperfpv   Apr 12, 2020  

Nice build. I was planning to use Tarsier initially too for my  build but has since changed my mind while waiting for parts to arrive. Been waiting for my Vista ( 2nd) to arrive patiently for weeks.  I hope my 16x16mm stack will be lasting.

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Yinka_Brasil   Apr 12, 2020 

Which base plate would you use to convert to 20x20?

Pairadime   Apr 13, 2020 

you will need a different top and bottom plate.  the center section is stretched another 6mm apart to fit the 20x20 stack

Pairadime   Apr 13, 2020 

He also suggested the HGLRC stack. Which didn't even have two full working Uarts when I receieved it. Why not skip the hassle and get a 20x20 F7 flight controller with enough spare Uarts to use whatever accessories you want.

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