Back in Business 7" (iFlight XL7 V4 + DJI FPV)

By zsoltm on Jan 14, 2020

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Long time after stopped tinkering with FPV, I decided to put together another build as I couldn't resist trying out the DJI FPV set.
So there we are, another build. It's a pretty basic setup built around the Matek 722-SE plus a few other parts I have laying around collecting dust like the receiver. I decided to use my good old Taranis XD9+ instead of DJI's remote. It's built to be flown with 5- or primarily 6S battery packs. I want to do freestyle with it, I'd like to squeeze out long flight times.

This frame is not designed for DJI FPV, so I designed some 3D printed parts to hold the air unit in place as well as its antennas. The battery meant to be mounted at the top on this frame, but the custom Li-Ion 6S pack I imagined is too long for that, so I also had to design and print some battery strap holders to allow mounting it at the bottom instead.

It's not the cleanest build ever, instead of using 4in1 ESC I had to use individual ones, as along with the pretty bulky air unit there is no space within the frame. I don't mind though, I had bad experiences in 4in1s in the past.

I haven't flown it yet, but it'll change within 2-3 days, can't wait!

AUW is somewhat over 800 grams, with the 6S 4000mAH Li-Ion pack, so I'm wondering: will it even fly? :)



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Cepin   Aug 09, 2020  

would be please possible to share stl for that battery spacers and holders? thanks a lot

T0mPi   May 03, 2020  

Hi, do you have any video with this drone? Can you share it? Looks like very nice, flys also very nice? :D I have so many problems with my XL7 build, and try to found the solution... Thank you!

zsoltm   May 04, 2020 

I disassembled it already, sorry. Transplanted most of the parts into a DC7. I've flown this XL7 like 4 times, during this time I didn't have a chance to tune it properly. On the DC7 I've been experimenting with Emuflight, it looks promising.

zsoltm   May 04, 2020 

Btw. what are your problems? Tune?

Cepin   Feb 09, 2020  

what's that batterry box? 3D printed?

zsoltm   Feb 09, 2020 

Yes, 3D printed with PETG, and spot welded (uploaded a photo while it was WIP). Flight time can be 30 mins if I don't push it.

miromir237   Jan 15, 2020  

Looks good to me.

zsoltm   Feb 04, 2020 

Thank you, indeed it flies :) It's heavy, but it fits my purpose.

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