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VENOM FPV Racing Drone Frame
Sky Racer Fpv

New Frame Designs are the future of the drone racing sport although there has been vast improvements in components the H carbon-fiber frame has basically remained the same the future is 3D printing with new technology in printers and materials has made it possible to design lightweight and durable frames with purposeful features such as enclosed battery bay better mounting of components better weight distribution and lower cost easy to replace parts and upgrade Project Venom is set to take the most common problems that faced 3D printed drone frames Impact resistance and weight with cutting edge design and new industrial strength materials these barriers have overcome

The New Venom Drone racing frame engineered to be tough & lightweight using advance 3d printing techniques and industrial grade materials The Sky Racer Venom Series DIY Kit is set to modernize the FPV drone market with upgraded features a functional design
Achieve perfect center of balance with battery mounted in center of fuselage no top or bottom mounting were batteries can become damaged and fall off with straps that break we moved the flight controller mounting standard 30x30 board to the front of the craft allowing for a center mounting battery cage to protect the fuel system one of the most expensive parts of your machine.

DJI HD Fpv system Ready mounting cut out on top of frame makes it easy to add the new digital FPV system or any analog video transmitter

Easy mount RC receiver and perennials at the rear of the frame provide plenty of room for extra gear light controllers and voltage regulators

Can fit up to 4s - 8s lipo "example two 4s zippy 30a 4000mah in series for 8s or parallel for 4s 8000mah can fit snug inside the fuselage.

Universal arm choices can use 25mm carbon tube cut to custom length can use tbs discovery arm, DJI flame wheel arm or f450 arms giving the builder the most customizable options available

Cost less than expensive than full carbon fiber frames stronger more impact resistant, easy to repair two-piece design individual part can be purchased separately change color just by changing top body
Rear 12mm Round LED Mounting in frame


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Sky Racer Fpv The future of drone racing (2 builds)
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Flight Controller

Sky Racer Fpv The future of drone racing (2 builds)
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4 x Sky Racer Fpv The future of drone racing (2 builds)
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SKYRACER   Dec 23, 2019  

8s power 2 zippy 4s 4000mah lipo in series

FrostedFPV   Dec 21, 2019  

You can use all the industrial strength 3d print filament you want, its going to break in the first crash. It also seems to big for normal races. It also doesnt carry a hd cam so it also isnt really suitable for more specator focussed races. In most cases the batteries also arent the most expensive part of the drone but the hd camera is, so why focus so much on keeping them safe.

Sorry to say this but i think this frame creates more problems then it solves.

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SKYRACER   Dec 22, 2019 

With the New Digital Fpv System By DJI, you don't need a Big Heavy Gopro it just adds to the weight The SKY RACER VENOM is the future with new advances in lighter and smaller electronics we can engineer new designs NO need to accommodate components that are no longer needed

FrostedFPV   Dec 22, 2019 

maybe in the future but the hd recording quality of the dji fpv system is not good enough for compared to go pro quality. I also dont know where you are getting the 40 dollars hd price tag for hd cameras. the gopro hero 8-7-6 and maybe the session are the only decent enough camera that you can put on your drone and they all cost more then 200$. Look at something like the racer 4, thats the future of big drone races.

Everything on the racer 4 can be quickly replaced with very little soldering and it has a HD camera and a durable frame.

SKYRACER   Dec 23, 2019 

I don't mean GoPro I Thought you meant FPV camera and no I did not design this to carry a GoPro I wanted to save weight So the Video from the DJI system is good enough some sacrifice has to be made. Not everyone is out to make super High-quality Fpve flight footage me personally I'm burnt out on watching them I don't any more This drone Is For high power long range and I use a mini Pixhawk for mission planning autonomous flight ability to use many different arm styles from carbon fiber to Flamewheel style upswept Arm This Drone can go extremely fast with 3514 motors and 7s or 8s lipo I put 5208's on this build just because it looked kewl have not tested to see how much I can get out of this set up yet.
PolyMax filliment wont crack like the old filliments but it wraps on the printer I use Max Plus and a carbonfiber blend for the bottom if you use the fillinent with the carbon dust it will be brittle and fall apart with any crash I tried to break this stuff with my bear hands and had to get a hammer I have falin from 100 feet and just flipped the dron over and took right bake off 3D printing is the future the old H frame designs are boring

SKYRACER   Dec 21, 2019  


SKYRACER   Dec 22, 2019 

With the New Digital Fpv System By DJI you don't need a Big Heavy Gopro it just add's to the wieght The SKY RACER VENOM is the future wth new advances in lighter and smaller electronocs we can engeineer new designs that no longer need to accomindate components that are no loger needed

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