Super Whooper: BetaFPV Meteor65

By Aurora130 on Feb 10, 2020

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When you have the cheapest radio available (Flysky I6) and BetaFPV deosn't offer a FlySky reciever??? You build your own.

-This is basically a BetaFPV Meteor65 ( except not prebuilt. Was able to get a good deal on the parts last Black Friday, but in my excitement to finish the build I failed to take any pictures. I had a ton of fun with it and because of FULL SEND and AIN'T CARE I have already broke both the frame and the canopy. Turtle mode is a life saver, make sure to set it up. I decided to take some pictures while transferring the electronics over to a new frame and canopy, and here they are. If you have any questions, or if anybody wants to actually know how to do the full build, just hit me up in the comments, I'll be glad to help.
-Here is a wiring diagram to get you started
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-I also had the luck of turning the meteor into a submarine (crashed in water). I was able to get it out after 30 seconds and after letting it dry out it as completely fine (!), even the battery.
-Heres a pic of the old frame and canopy next to the new one
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How It Flies (and boy does it ever)
I haven't had the oppurtunity to fly any other brushless whoops, but from what I have seen this thing is way faster than most every other 1s whoop on the market, just get one. These are the the 19,500 kv motors (a step down from the 22,000 kv), but they still have tons of punch while being nice and smooth for cruising. I need to try higher rates because my current tune doesn't allow much many tricks in acro; I used Oscar Liang’s tune and it works pretty well, indoors it works great, and outside is mostly okay, but I have got some propwash. I think I need to change it slightly for the lower kv motors.
-Here is Oscar's tune he has included with the review of the Meteor
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-Also notable is the flight time. With this setup, new batteries, and gemfan tri-blades consistantly get about 3:15, but the four blade props I have on the quad take it down to barely under 3 minutes. I don't notice much difference in power and I plan on going back to the tri-blades as soon as I can get some ordered.
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-BT2.0 connectors live up to all the hype, they are great connectors, very durable, tight connection with minimal voltage sag; definitely recommend

-I selected a different camera then what comes with the Meteor on account of it being listed as cheaper and lighter. The camera mount came with a spot for the VTX behind the camera, but I cut it off so I could stick the VTX antenna out the back. The VTX is located on top of the receiver with tape in between. Performance of the Camera and VTX is decent, color is very unsaturated in low light, but comes back when outdoors in the sun. VTX power is pretty good and I can fly around my whole house no problem as long as I am sitting in the right place.
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reednoel4u   Aug 23, 2021  

my meteor65 have die spi rx, my fc ver 2.2.
could you please help me, wiring with extender rx xm+ (or lr1000).
i wiring rx with pin smartaudio pin (tx1)!and resource it with rx01, but betaflight don't see.

Vishera   Oct 26, 2020  

Would the built in RX work with my Taranis 2019+ X9D or would I have to go external RX route as well?

Aurora130   Oct 26, 2020 

The version I used has no internal RX because they do not offer it with a Flysky protocal. I have heard of others having trouble with the internal Frsky RX, which you can purchase, so I would probably stick to an external RX. For the price, it is hardly much difference to buy the BNF version of the meteor65, but I guess that it up to you.

Vishera   Oct 26, 2020 

I like building and tinkering :) plus, I plan to use a different camera setup and different motors anyway. thanks!

MATEKMAN   Feb 11, 2020  

you can save in flight time if you pass in 48 kHz. I won 1mn 30 with my trashcan ....

Aurora130   Feb 11, 2020 

YES! I saw that on Oscar's website the other day! I was trying some big acro moves outside yesterday and I was killing used packs in anywhere from 2:00-2:20; I will definetly see about switching to 48kHz when I get a chance, the amount of increased flight time is pretty tempting.
As for switching to 2s. . . I think I'll build a 3 inch (4s?) for outdoor acro and just use this thing for indoors, were 1s is plenty. Plus I don't race. ;)

MATEKMAN   Feb 11, 2020  

sorry you win only on 2s ... change your fc and go ! ;)

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