Falcon 130

By Whiffles on Jan 18, 2017

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This is the latest incarnation of my GEP130X. I wasn't very impressed with the quality of the previous micro cam, so I swapped to the Falcon to fit the HS1177 camera. I replaced the motors with Tornado's and wanted to try this tiny dipole VTX. I used 30mm standoffs, but needed to use nylon nuts to give me just enough clearance to fit the camera in there.

AUW: 230g
Without battery: 145g



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Whiffles   Feb 22, 2017  

This little guy has been a lot of fun lately! It's taken some hard hits with marginal damage. I ordered a Mobius Mini, so I hope to squeeze it on top. With adequate protection that should put me just over 260g AUW with an HS1177 and HD!

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Whiffles   Feb 22, 2017 

Thank you! It's a ton of fun. I've even taken it out a couple times this week rather than my 5" quad. I checked your part list and left a couple suggestions in the comments.

snootux   Feb 23, 2017 

Thanks for answer, are you not afraid of shorts with the esc solder joints facing the carbon fiber?

Whiffles   Feb 23, 2017 

They don't come in contact with the frame, so it's not a problem.

PepeLePew   Jan 26, 2017  

That's a dandy little setup you go there. How does the VTX do on 200mw and how far can you go? I'm looking at various options
for outdoors. Recently DYS released a 25/200 VTX however their QC guy must have been sleeping...the 200 side hits 800 once powered up.
I'm hoping they fix this since the VTX is the perfect size for almost any race build.

Whiffles   Jan 26, 2017 

It's not without some interference at points, but the same could be said about most antennas. For the price and size it's really a great option. Since it uses a U.fl connector it can be adapted to use any SMA antenna with a 2" adapter.

CesiumSalami   Jan 24, 2017  

Hot damn! That's a nice looking build!
I'm looking to build something with nearly identical hardware! ... different frame and maybe a runcam swift or eagle ... but pretty much everything else.

Although, I've been a little dissuaded by those claiming that I'll get < 3 min flight times. I know the brother tornados are crazy powerful, but if you can keep yourself from ripping, they also seem reasonably efficient even compared to 1306 4000kv motors.

I was really hoping that I could putter around for 5 minutes for one flight - but then be able to go nuts for 3 minutes ...

What kind of flight times are you getting?

Whiffles   Jan 26, 2017 

I haven't had enough time to play around with these motors, but I think 4-5 mins of slow flight might be doable.

daveofdefeat   Jan 19, 2017  

I just bought that same 4in1 ESC from banggood to upgrade my 3" build. Did you enable DShot on it?

Whiffles   Jan 19, 2017 

I'm actually running a slightly different ESC. It's the LB Pro 4-in-1 from MRM, but they no longer keep it in stock. I picked this because it's the closest alternative. I do have the Racerstar 30A ESCs on my 5" build and they run DShot.

Whiffles   Jan 19, 2017  

I just took it out for a test flight and it flew just fine. I'll need to run a few packs through it to see how well this VTX performs, but the signal looks great on the bench.

bravechicken   Jan 19, 2017  

This thing is beautiful! Not bad on price too!

Whiffles   Jan 19, 2017 

Thank you! I didn't really want to use the blue standoffs, but that's all I had in 30mm. They seem to be growing on me now.

bravechicken   Jan 19, 2017 

I like them. Standout without being too in-your-face about it.

Whiffles   Jan 19, 2017 

Thank you! BTW, love your avatar.

volitant   Jan 19, 2017  

very nice, great job sir!

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