By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Feb 11, 2020

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This was my 3rd hex build in a row. I intended (again) to do some fancy HD stuff, but I am a race + freestyle builder, and to me the stripped-down, high-performance "chopper" mentality reigns supreme.

The 6Shooter is a 6S hex that I allowed to organically develop. I find a build presents its own personality a bit more when I let it all fall into its own place. I started with the new E-Series Hyperlite 2207's. They are cheap Hyperlites ($14!)... that is like free money to me. The iFlight Slick 50A's I used in my 7" hex (Cinerous Vulture) build are awesome, but I did not want to have to cap all the ESCs on this build that is 2" tighter on each arm (easier to just use one huge one on the mains). I also didn't need so much amperage on this rig. The Spedix LS40's are maybe the best individual ESC form factor available right now (just a hair smaller than the Slick 50A's), and have all the same great features as the iFlights except they do not require to be capped per arm, and that is a huge deal when you already have 50+ joints to solder. Matek F722-STD + FCHUB-6S is just a no-brainer setup when you do a rig like this so you have ample room to get everything just right. An AKK X2 sends the feed from the Foxeer Razer (nicer than the old HS1177's, but not as high end as the Predator Mini which costs double). Landed on that FX2 VTX as the X2 Ultimate I first bought came dead. As naturally as everything else, I chose the 5x4x3 APC's because they are just "the serious blade a rig like this must have" (I know... I got the 5150's in all but one of the pics; but starting out with them is a little ridiculous because.... fast AF). I'm rockin' BF 4.1.2's stock tune + that good, good bidirectional DSHOT FTW.

Andy Shen gets the love for his masterful frames, Piro and his gang for dropping an "E" motor for the serious builders, and especially to Robert and Annie down at APC Propellers for always "turning out" the absolute best of the best.

Edit: FINALLY got to fly this one and it is AMAZING! The stability of hex's is so understated. On these really racy props it is absolutely "still in the air" with the default 4.1.2 tune (they really have gotten over the initial new release issues. It is almost too perfect that I suspect with extra 2 props, the gyro is more capable of accurately balancing itself. I am thinking quadruped vs biped). As for the motors... they are absolutely Hyperlites. The torque curve on these is stunning with power and "grip" forever. I can't even get killer micro motors for $14 (ironic enough... the Pyrodrone 1106's are $16 a corner). The E-Series are the hot new shit as of the writing of this review.


Part List


Kriegerpus (2 builds)

Flight Controller

Matek F722-STD F7 30x30 Flight Controller w/ 32K Gyro, BFOSD, Barometer (36 builds)


6 x Spedix LS40 Slim F4 32Bit Speed Controller (5 builds)


6 x Hyperlite 2207.5 E-SERIES (CHOOSE KV)


5x4E-3(10) | APC Propellers


5x4EP-3(10) | APC Propellers

FPV Camera

Foxeer Razer V2 Mini 1200TVL 4:3 PAL/NSTC CMOS FPV Camera (2.1mm) - BlackDefault Title (11 builds)

FPV Transmitter

AKK FX2 30x30 25-800mW 5.8GHz VTX - MMCX (30 builds)


AKK MMCX Linear Antenna (15 builds)


FrSky XM+ SBUS Mini Receiver (1148 builds)
See Site


TATTU R-Line 1050mAh 6s 95C Lipo Battery (50 builds)

Power Distribution

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RZFPV   Feb 11, 2020  

how do u like the seris motors

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Feb 11, 2020 

I do try to never publish until I have flown the maiden, but the weather here has been very bad as of late, and so I do not yet know how this one flies. I have armed and disarmed with the props on so I can see what the video is looking like with a little load, but I have only raised the throttle with props off. I don't mind the flying in less than optimal conditions... I just hate landing in them with a new craft (in case it just decides to fall outta the sky). When I fire up these motors on the bench they sound exactly like the Team Edition Hyperlites (same big 9MM NMB bearings), and so I suspect they are not very different aside from being about half as much in price. Pyro motors are always the illest, so I know these will be just as hot.

I'll post an update about the motors and flight as soon as I can. Thanks for looking!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Feb 16, 2020 

Well... I got it in the air, and the motors are 100% on par with their Team Edition brethren. They truly remind me of my X-Foot Eco's (cannot be bought any longer... I think I have my Diatone build with them posted here on RB). I went with the 1722KV for this build because I wanted 6S, but I am now considering putting together a 4S race frame with the 2522 or 2222KVs because they are so impressive. I think $14 is a fantastic cost per corner and deserves a little further research.

butcher51   Feb 14, 2020  

hexxaa <3

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