Hyperlow Hex

By Jayembee67 on Nov 10, 2019

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You know, @HK-AERIAL VTOL is right, there are not enough hexacopters out there, so here is another to add to the list; the Hyperlow Hex. This is basically a Hyperlow Vert Freestyle with a couple of extra arms squeezed in there. It's a great frame, as Hyperlow frames usually are; strong, rigid, a good amount of room inside, but it does have one flaw, and that is, with the low profile and the front rotor arms being that much closer together, the props fill a bit too much of the FPV field of view, which is distracting. This is a shame as the machine flies nicely; fast, stable and with that excellent yaw authority that hexacopters exhibit.

I originally built it with 2306 motors which was far too much and ate my battery packs in moments, so I stepped back to smaller and less hungry 2205s and get decent flight times off a 1500mAh 4S pack.

Here's a short clip that shows this prop-in-view issue, hrm... but also how solidly it flies, there is something very 'definite' about it:



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nerdCopter   Aug 07, 2020  

Do you find soft-mounting the arms benefits significantly?
Doubling arms is an awesome idea that i may have to try on XL7 when i set aside some time/cash.

Jayembee67   Aug 07, 2020 

It didn't really show a marked benefit, although I can't imagine that it hurt either. But it did introduce an issue where the arms can flex more than they would otherwise because they aren't quite so cranked down between the top and bottom plates - the CF spacers of course don't have that problem.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Nov 11, 2019  

Very nice sir! I love it! They can begin to become a true bear to wire up toward the end, and so I for one applaud you! What did you flash in?

Jayembee67   Nov 11, 2019 

Oh yes, getting 4 sets of signal wires on the FC is bad enough, but 6? Messy. And thank you! So its running BF 3.5.7, which is what I settled on for all my 4S machines because it as predictable and it just flew. Although maybe I should try 4.1 with all the extra filtering; there's a lot of motor vibration going on for sure...

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Nov 11, 2019 

I am a True Believer™ in 3.5.7. Both of my hexes are on it (thank god).
I did not originally know 4+ had Airmode by default and I got all mad 'cause it almost burnt out a set of new Hyperlites on the bench (really though... my fault for not doing the reading or at the very least looking through the configs). My last build requires 4 (GigaFusion Dual F7. I flashed in 3.5.7... no 4th motor!), and so I am gonna be dragged kicking and screaming into the present I guess. Haven't taken it out yet... may be a while until I get the chance (⛈️).

Edit: Have you taken this out on plain-jane HQ V1S yet?

Jayembee67   Nov 14, 2019 

So I have been using 4.0.6 on my DJI HD builds, and out of the box that has been just fine for those machines, the early issues with 4.0.x seem to be resolved. And I hear 4.1 is very good, although I am not going to go there yet because me machines fly just fine, thank you very much, no need for all the efffort I don't think

And no, I haven't tried the HQ props. I did experiment with a variety of props, Gatebreakers, Cyclones, slowly working down the aggression slope until I found something that gave decent speed and passable efficiency, and then stopped there! :-)

MrSkooZ   Nov 11, 2019  

Private vidéo ? :'(

Jayembee67   Nov 11, 2019 

Oops. Now it's Public. Although in truth, it's not very exciting...

IcarusIX   Nov 10, 2019  


Jayembee67   Nov 10, 2019 

Well, not sure what else there is to say... so I've posted a short video clip from a while ago. :-)

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