Whoop CineWhoop (AKA CineBumperWhoop)

By cooties on Oct 27, 2019

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Wanted a real small cinewhoop just like Robert Mcintosh uses. But I want SOME protection for the naked hero 6 at the expense of weight. So I took an armattan bumper frame I had for like 2 years but never built and transplanted my doinker motors into it. Got a Beta 12a AIO FC, an oscar backpack vtx and made this. It does use some custom 3d printed parts which will eventually be on thingiverse.

Here's the 1st test. Note I could only get flights of about 1-1.5 minutes because my batteries were 3 years old. SO a couple clips put together. Still needs a tune but not bad for 1st time out with this build.



Part List


Bumper Frame (11 builds)

Flight Controller

BetaFPV F4 2-4S AIO 12A Brushless Flight Controller (No Rx)


4 x RX1105/B 4000 and 6500kv High Performance Brushless Motors (3 builds)


HQProp Durable Prop T2X2.5X3 Black (2CW+2CCW) - Poly Carbonate

FPV Camera

RunCam Nano2 2.1mm Lens (2 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Eachine Nano VTX 5.8GHz 25-400mW IRC Tramp


Team BlackSheep TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 Linear 5.8GHz Video TX/RX Antenna - Heli-Nation (92 builds)



Misc Parts

TBS XF-Race Antenna 915MHZ
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peri   Dec 03, 2020  

Hi, what sort of batteries are you using?

cooties   Dec 17, 2020 

on 3s, 450 to 650mah. on 4s, 450mah. This bumper was difficult to build there are easier ways. Starting with the betafpv frames (85x and 95x).

newtrojan   Dec 28, 2019  

What is the total weight. How much is the weight of the frame. Any tutorial you would recommend for doing the same for Sessions 5

cooties   Dec 28, 2019 

I've never taken apart a session 5. total is 90g without battery.  never weighed just the frame.  might be able to find the specs on betafpv site.

saintstyle   Nov 05, 2019  

I don't see the Botton to turn on Gopro recording. How do youdo that?

cooties   Nov 05, 2019 

i ordered a button. For now it's this:

hook up screen
plug in battery
start recording
remove screen
attach screen
stop recording
unplug battery

saintstyle   Nov 06, 2019 

I hope your button arrives soon ;)

SONYA7III   Oct 30, 2019  

thats look so good!
how much is the weight with the battery ?

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SONYA7III   Oct 31, 2019 

thank you!
last question please !
during the process of the striping, what is the risk to to make the gopro unusable ?
and how much tech knowledge do you need to have in order to do this ?

cooties   Oct 31, 2019 

you can just copy what is in the youtube video to take it apart.  the electronics are tiny so there is a decent chance of ruining something.  you should not do this if you are not prepared to throw away the cost of a used hero 6

SONYA7III   Nov 01, 2019 

thank you so much !

Apeian   Oct 27, 2019  

Nice colors..but how about some footage - Why post a cinewhoop and no HD footage?

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cooties   Oct 27, 2019 

Added today's test video.

Apeian   Oct 27, 2019 

Freaking awesome bud...keep up the great work! You have my like :) - We you flying all acro or using horizon mode?

cooties   Oct 27, 2019 

ha thanks! I fly acro with really turned down rates. If I use horizon I don't like that 'bounce' when it locks level. I could get used to it, but then it'd probably screw me up for acro.

joshielevy   Oct 27, 2019  

It's adorable! Got any footage yet? Are you mainly going to use it inside - the camera looks very exposed.

cooties   Oct 27, 2019 

outdoors when it's calm. No choice it needs to be light as possible.

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