3s 1106 4500kv avan 3inch

By matthew saigon on Sep 15, 2019

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it's nothing new. i just post this build with PID. for people who are new to fpv and don't know how to tune.
PID is not good but it's flyable as you can see how it flies in the video.

it has a bit more power and control than 1105, but flight time is about 1 min less.

weight: 74g
motors: i use skystars 1106 4500kv, but Emax 1106 4500kv should be the same.
battery: Gnb 3s 550mah

betaflight 4.0.6
i used betaflight community presets ( https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/Community-Presets )
and i moved P gain up a little bit, and i turned off some of filters ( in the picture ) but you don't have too.

set gyro_lowpass_type = BiQUAD
set dyn_notch_min_hz = 150
set dyn_lpf_gyro_min_hz = 150
set dyn_lpf_gyro_max_hz = 700
set dyn_lpf_dterm_min_hz = 150
set dyn_lpf_dterm_max_hz = 250
set dterm_lowpass_type = BiQUAD
set dterm_lowpass2_hz = 150

set p_pitch = 38
set i_pitch = 85
set d_pitch = 35

set p_roll = 33
set i_roll = 78
set d_roll = 32

set d_min_pitch = 18
set d_min_roll = 16
set d_min_boost_gain = 30
set d_min_advance = 0

set pidsum_limit = 1000
set iterm_relax_type = GYRO
set iterm_relax_cutoff = 10
set tpa_rate = 50
set tpa_breakpoint = 1600

i moved my 2.5" build to this 3" build. i like it a lot better. i tried 4s on this build too but flight time was too short.



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Ifly@sgfpv   Jan 02, 2023  

great build!
have u try 4s?
1106 4500kv can fly 4s on 3in props?

matthew saigon   Jan 20, 2023 

yes i have and it's fine.

Nikolaskk   Nov 10, 2019  

Looks like a great build. I have one very similar with the same motors and the new BetaFPV AIO 20A board. I can't for the life of me get a good tune out of it. I'm going to try BF 4.1.0 and see if that's any good.

matthew saigon   Nov 10, 2019 

yup BF4.1 is the way to go. as for tuning i'm not good at tuning at all. i just tune it enough for it to fly ok but i don't know how to tune it good.

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