Fullspeed 65MM 2S

By dummel on Sep 11, 2019

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Tint little bugger, had to pull out the magnifier.
(Mebbie old eyes to blame)
Motors look cool, I will report more once I fly the sucker
I'm still moving things and parts around until I like the placement of them



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StickyRice   Sep 20, 2019  

DAMNNN those are some good looking motors!!! also one of the cleanest micro setups ive seen so far! looks great man!

Werdna FPV   Sep 12, 2019  

Those motors would be perfect if they had screw holes for T-mount props!! Why iFlight?? XD
Anyway, nice build with premium parts and it looks like it will fly very well. What is the AUW?

dummel   Sep 13, 2019 

It Weighs 44.8 without props

dafunk   Sep 16, 2019 

totally agree with you Werdna ... i got the prebuilt Fullspeed Toothpick and broke 3 (yes three !!) motor shafts in 10 days.
i cant reuse the motors because they dont have the screw holes.

even if you intend to use 2 blades 'push props' for a build, do it on motors that have screws for normal props.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Sep 12, 2019  

I gotta say that those look much better than the 1106's (I'm awaiting them now). I have always held my tongue regarding the appearance of XING motors, but I figured if I bought some than I would be legitimate expressing my opinion (... and in truth I have ordered what I believe to be the most odd looking things they've put out yet!). That all being said you do not see them when you fly, and that is the only place it counts. I should note that I also felt this exact same way concerning Hyperlites, but if you peruse my builds you'll see I got over that fairly easy. If the Nanos really do impress me I think I'll try out those 2806's (which IMO... ARE actually very nice looking motors... I bet they blast. For $30 a corner they better.).
BTW: Modern jeweler's loupe w/LEDs is so nice for older eyes and tiny projects: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Magnifying-Glass-Lens-LED-Light-Lamp-Visor-Head-Loupe-Jeweler-Headband-Magnifier/312157465470?epid=11028308126&hash=item48ae08eb7e:g:QzsAAOSwx0FdNzRf:sc:USPSFirstClass!43103!US!-1

dummel   Sep 12, 2019 

Yea brother, I seem to be requiring more light and magnificaton all the time. I have been using an O.C. White unit for a while. nice where you can adjust the throw of light and really helps with the small parts. https://www.ocwhite.com/magnifiers/green-lite-led-magnifiers.html
thanks for checking out my build and I will let you know abou the motors once i have time to get it in the air.

Sasquads   Sep 11, 2019  

Those motors look so cool

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