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By FissionBomb on Jan 23, 2017

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The Wiz

After many many crashes and a final collision with a disc golf basket my Wizard has given up. Or at least I've given up on the Wizard. I dismantled it and will be transplanting the brains into something else. The spare parts going to a deserving quadcopter enthusiast who doesn't have a 5 inch yet.


I transplanted all the parts from the Wizard and placed them into an iFlight i5x frame. Also upgraded my camera and lens to HS1177 and 2.1mm


I believe I may have finally killed my flight controller in a crash while attempting a MattyFlip. Since my last update this build has remained basically the same. I prefer to use 5051 Racekraft props as they seem to be the smoothest when paired with these motors. I've also been through 2 GoPro Hero couches and 4 knockoff action cams. They're under $20 so it makes it a little easier to swallow when they fall to pieces.

05/20/19 I hit a building. lost an arm.

05/25/19 Rebuilt with a new authentic iFlight ix5 v3 frame. Looking better than ever and now flashed with Betaflight 3.5.5


Part List


iFlight iX5 V3 210mm Squish X Hybrid FPV Racing Frame 5 Inch Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit


usmile UX5 210mm 4mm thickness X style Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit Mini quad fpv quad quadcopter like QAV-X 210 QAV-R 250


Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racing RC Drone Blheli_S F3 6DOF 2205 2300KV Motors 5.8G 48CH 200MW VTX ARF (4 builds)


4 x Team RACEKRAFT 5051 5" TRI-BLADE PROP - INSANE SPEED (SkyStar Blue) (123 builds)


8 x DAL Cyclone T5046C Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (391 builds)

FPV Camera

Diatone HS1177 2.8mm 600TVL CCD Camera

FPV Transmitter

2 x Wolfwhoop WT5823L 5.8G 200MW 40CH Mini Video Transmitter for FPV Quadcopter (7 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Wolfwhoop WT5823 5.8G 200mW 32CH Wireless Video Mini Transmitter for Multi-rotors FPV (5 builds)


3 x Crazepony Foxeer FPV Antenna 5.8gHz Circular Polarized Omni Cloud Spirit Tx Rx RP-SMA Male for FPV Multicopter


Crazepony Flysky FS iA6B Receiver and Crazepony Strap


2 x Flysky 2.4G 6CH FS-iA6B Receiver PPM Output With iBus Port (63 builds)


2 x (28 builds)
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Misc Parts

DLFPV® 2pcs Antenna Extension Cable RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female RF Connector Pigtail Cable

Misc Parts

2 x Camera Mount 25° For Eachine Wizard X220 Gopro Xiaomi Yi SJ4000 FPV Camera RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor
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FissionBomb   Dec 28, 2017  

@FissionBomb.LS. ok cool, so what are the wizard's weak spots that i should know about?

I will start with the Zip ties that hold things down because they cause a chain reaction of issues
because they're so weak, they break during any crash or even in flight
this causes things to become loose, like your Video Transmitter or your ESCs
because they're loose, the props strike them
causing the props to break as well as those items to break
you also crash because your props have stopped spinning
and when you crash it loosens everything else in the quad including the side plates and motor screws
in fact, your side plates are basically worthless after the first crash
and when you lose your side plates your receiver is now free to move about the cabin
and when it starts moving, the props strike it or the antennas or the wires which again causes you to crash
and when you crash the motor screws which weren't properly tightened or loctited from the factory begin to fall out
allowing your motors, LEDs, and ESCs to fall completely off the frame and dangle as the quad falls to earth
did I mention the props they send it with are so tight around the shafts that you have to force them on? and then to take them off you have to have the might of Hercules. Doubly so when the blades break off leaving you with nothing but a sharp nub at the hub
The battery strap comes in the most aft position possible and really should come with 2 straps because you're either going to break the one they gave you or it won't be enough to snug your battery down
the rubber grommet for the VTX antenna prevents the RP-SMA from fully attaching and giving you a good signal
but that's only if the 90* right angle of the VTX RP-SMA connector doesn't fail on you first
The 2.8mm lens on the camera doesn't allow you to see crap on either side of you as you fly so you might crash into yourself or other things that are just out of view
When the standoffs that hold your PDB and Flight Controller break, and they will break, it will hold your FC at a wonky angle which may cause the quad to fly back and hit you in the shoulder when you think you're taking off in a forward motion
Thank goodness I was wearing a heavy coat or I would have a propeller still lodged in my armpit

And when you finally get everything working well and you're flying and feeling good about yourself you will crash into a metal disc golf basket and break your quad in half

sark   Jan 27, 2017  

Dat pillow doh!

FissionBomb   Jan 30, 2017 

:Party_Parrot: FTW

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