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By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Oct 29, 2019

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There are not enough hexacopters in the world, and I have decided to do my part to change that. Coming off the insane high that is building the "Cinerous Vulture", I developed the desire to complicate my life with now trying to fit 6 motor\ESCs onto a micro. Of course, Shendrones sells 4 and 5" versions of my 7" hex, but those seemed.... "too big" to be "different enough". I really wanted a 2" hex as I really love micros, and one builder here on RB had one (Hex Sex). The Tomoquads micro hex frame comes in 2 and 2.5", and if you have ever built a 2" you know there are some props that are just a tad bigger than that. A quad in that stance gets relegated to the worst offerings IMO. The 2.5" is what I will always opt for if possible for that reason.

This little monster is my first in the 1206 motor range and features the new Xing Nano 1206 6500KV's. They are driven by more than ample Emax 20A Bullets, and the amazingly versatile Matek F405\F-CHUB A5 combination delivers the expert signal desired for such a build. If only builders knew that this FC has 6 DSHOT outputs they may attempt a venture into a hex (many of the full size Matek FC's also have S1-S6 outputs). You'd think this little one was easier to construct than my 7". Not so. This is a TIGHT build. A 5" might appear gaunt with this wiring (motor wires are cut at .5"), but so much is packed in so small an area + you have to attach some of this unmounted and so (to me) it appears a little cluttery (I am really OCD about aesthetics). I was lucky that once again my intense penchant for planning\mocking up my builds protected my build-time jitters (lest I forget to put the FC screws in for the PDB for the millionth time...).



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upioneer   Jan 03, 2020  

somewhat new to fpv. how does this 6 arm thing fly? this thing looks awesome. had to double take in the thumbnail

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jan 03, 2020 

Thanks! This big bird is fairly intimdating to fly (moreso than my Ti LR for sure). I do fight that off by scaling the throttle, but it still has HUGE horsepower. You could easily build a very powerful hex with 2207's just as you can a quad; so the 2408.5's are overly-strong even when turning high pitched props. A flight feels long no matter the duration because this rig moves across the control range so fast. I am a rural pilot with an endless expanse and I absolutely love ripping that way, and so for me this rig is just fantastic. Now I'm hooked on the 6 motor deal I'm building a 5" version with the E-Series Hyperlites (mockup at https://rotorbuilds.com/build/20807).

upioneer   Jan 05, 2020 

that sounds awesome man! im out in socal so there is not many places to fly that i am aware of. still doing homework and scrubbing thru google maps for potential areas then eventually making trips out to validate if it is a suitable flying spot or not. have fun out there!

sal.mars44K.C.   Oct 31, 2019  

Hey, bud... I like this a lot,  I'm thinking of going back to the single esc. To; cool as hell man.
I like being having singles cause it's easier to replace an it makes the quads look more diverse.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Oct 31, 2019 

Thanks! I actually heard of builders using a 4-in-1 and 2 individual ESCs for their hex, but I just couldn't find the room for that on this rig. I do gotta say I hate cutting motor wires as short as this one needed, but it all feels and fits right. This whole build was an excercise in miniaturization. That nano VTX really is "nano". Thanks for the love!

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