ZMR 250

By DJD510 on Oct 21, 2015

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After buying an Hubsan X4 H107L, used H107D off ebay then stressing over a build list for weeks. I finally pulled a trigger and purchased a ZMR250 kit and take the build one step at a time.



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DJD510   Dec 05, 2015  

This build is nearly complete. I’m just waiting on a few screws and also need to decide where to mount the minimosd.

I ended up ditching the Naze(wish it worked), DYS sn20a ESC's, FRSky X8R(too bulky - maybe i'll build a larger multi), the Sony effio FPV cam and the ZMR 250v2 PDB. The PDB shorted an ESC and even my VTX. I swear the polarity was correct and my VTX accepts a wide voltage range. Thankfully the VTX still worked but the power cable melted. I ended up direct soldering cables to the VTX until I can find a replacement cable.

DJD510   Dec 05, 2015  

I picked up the Dragonfly32 pro for $22 during the black Friday sale. It shipped incredibly fast from Multirotor Mania and I immediately recognized that my Naze32 certainly malfunctioned.... its already beyond the point of return and soldered so i can't RMA back to

Its likely I kept the iron on longer that i should have... who know's? Maybe it was a manufacturing fault. Also, immediately connect your FC to a computer and confirm its functionality.

Whiffles   Dec 05, 2015 

Hope that Dragonfly treats you well! It seems to be a popular board.

DJD510   Nov 21, 2015  

Waiting on my banggood shipment... it sure is testing my patience!

Whiffles   Nov 23, 2015 

I know how you feel. I've been waiting 1 month for an order from Banggood. Their shipments usually come much quicker, so I'm a little concerned.

DJD510   Nov 14, 2015  

More parts recently arrived but waiting on a smaller pdb and esc to resume the my build.

Whiffles   Nov 14, 2015 

Nice bench! Looks like a fun set of toys. Did you superimpose a screenshot of the mobile layout? That looks huge!

Whiffles   Oct 21, 2015  

If you want the best bang for your buck try the Quanum V2 headset at HobbyKing.

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DJD510   Nov 12, 2015 

oh FYI to everyone. The Quanum v2 is supplied with a power splitter with 3 different plug sizes options.

Whiffles   Nov 13, 2015 

Ended up going with the V2?

DJD510   Nov 14, 2015 

Yes sir! =)

DJD510   Nov 05, 2015  

I have a few problems. The gyro sensors don't appear to work on my naze32 afroflight rev6 in cleanflight or baseflight. Flight controller movement isn't detected at all. I used the "unbricking" tutorials and re-flashed the firmware and restore defaults. Rebooting also seems to be an issue in CLI and Putty. I have to unplug the usb and reconnect to get back into cleanflight to continue with the configuration settings.

Another issue I'm having is with motor #3. The motor can engage in low Rpms in cleanflight but it won't spin when I'm applying 50% throttle though my Taranis. I've also tilted the quad toward and away from the motor and still no luck. The other motors appear to have no issues.

I believe my issues is with my flight controller and not the ESC because of my gyro issue. I' don't think I can return it since I've already soldered the pins so I've ordered another naze32.

I found threads with similar issues but they were all remedied by either the fc firmware, cold solder joints or ESC calibration.

Assembly wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Any thoughts?

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Whiffles   Nov 08, 2015 

So is it a bad ESC or was it just a bad solder?

DJD510   Nov 12, 2015 

it was definitely the ESC and i just recently ordered the same esc. The rotorgeek's ESC set came in today but planning to keep them on standby. I noticed the Parts sections on your site. Love the new feature.

Whiffles   Nov 13, 2015 

Who did you buy it from? You should be able to get a replacement for free as long as the store stands behind the product. Yep, the parts section is the latest addition here. Glad you like it!

DJD510   Oct 21, 2015  

I have a Traxxas 2933 EZ-Peak Plus 6-Amp LiPo/NiMH Charger. I'm assuming i can use it to charge the Lumenier lipo's if I purchase a "XT60 male and 4.0 Banana Male Cable".. right?

Whiffles   Oct 21, 2015 

Yep, that should do the trick. I'm not sure about the quality of that charger though, so hopefully your batteries will be okay after several cycles.

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