Sanchez 3" Ultralight w/ 1207 Motors

By alwaysbless on Aug 14, 2019

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Not really a big fan of this frame right now because the ones I ordered from CNC madness are breaking super easily in crashes BUT I had bought a few of em prior to knowing that so might as well use em until I get some extra cut in a higher grade material. Previously I had 1106 motors installed with T3X3 props and it absouloutely screamed but I saw these new rcinpower motors and they supposedly offer 400+g of thrust at around the same amperage as the 1106s I was using so I wanted to test em out. I still have yet to Maiden this and probably wont get to til the weekend so stay tuned for footage on that but below is a video of the 1106s so you can see how it flew using those (frame was cracked in this video though lulz at durability).



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SoleilFPV   Jul 08, 2020  

Nice build! What size lipo are you running?

Ikuiku   Aug 20, 2019  

I am really curious on the efficiency of these motors.

alwaysbless   Aug 20, 2019 

Ill check flight times today because I left my sdcard at home on Saturday and didnt get to dvr anything. Flights did not seem short though and the motors seriously rip so fast that its hard to full throttle because the camera angle isnt enough. Im sure speeds are close to 100mph if not at or over 100mph.

Ikuiku   Aug 20, 2019 

Looking forward to seeing the DVR footage! What battery are you using?

Dave_C FPV   Aug 15, 2019  

Nice build! Got the same 1207 coming too. Sorry to hear that you had durability issues!
If you need more sturdyness you can simply go up to 3mm carbon.

alwaysbless   Aug 15, 2019 

To be honest. I think CNC madness or whatever they are called uses low quality CF or it was cut poorly. Ive never seen a frame delaminate / chip away as easily as this one even others that are 2mm thick. I have a buddy who is cutting a few out of aerospace grade cf. I should get those this weekend and well see how they hold up.

fovea   Aug 14, 2019  

nice build! thanks for share.
6.5g for a motor is this true?
what is the weight of the build? intressting big stator, what kv did you choose? very intressted how they would perform, it would be very nice if you could add another video after maiden. if you will do write in a replay would be nice aswell, because wouldnt miss. impressions about would be nice aswell.

alwaysbless   Aug 14, 2019 

That is like the weight without motor wires which im not sure why these manufacturers advertise em like that. Actual weight on my digi scale was 9.5g a pop so a lot heavier and total dry weight is about 72g. I went w/ the 6000kv option since Ill be using 3s only and wanted to stay under the 12a so I dont blow my board.

fovea   Aug 14, 2019 

nice, thanks for the fast replay

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