Turnigy Evolution Tiny Whoop

By Benn on Jan 22, 2017

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RaNaMaN   Apr 22, 2017  


I'm new to this hobby and maybe my question is silly, but how do I connect the cables from the transmitter to the board? I've tried several ways to use a tiny whoop with my evolution and I've spent a lot of money, I'm a bit frustrated with this, I hope you can help me.

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RaNaMaN   Apr 23, 2017 

thank you so much, im very lost at this point, i ll try it right now

chalky   Jul 10, 2017 

Thanks for saving me many hours of frustration since I borrowed your tips for the FS-A8S and my micro flight controller. I have a quick question. I haven't been able to figure out why this needs to be connected to UART3 and not say, UART2. I haven't been able to find anything that states otherwise. UART is just a communication port from what I know and I should be able to use any one that isn't used, correct?

Benn   Jul 11, 2017 

Hello Chalky,
As far as I know, you should be able to connect it to UART2 indeed. I didn't know much about anything when I built this so I just followed along a video I found at the time...
I just received new micro receivers which I will test shortly (the RX2A-Pro) hopefully it performs well.

RaNaMaN   Apr 23, 2017  

Hello again
I can finally flash and open betaflight configurator, the reciver is binded (or at least the reciver`s red light blinks and stops blinking when the evolution turns on), but, in betaflight in the reciver options, when i move the gimbals of evolution, nothing happens, and I do not know why. If you could help me with this I would be very grateful

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RaNaMaN   Apr 24, 2017 

My build is almost the same as yours, but with diferent camera and batteries, i modified the battery conector to use the tipical tiny whoop battery, i also have the props a bit diferent, a 3 blade props, but i m so rookie so i didt feel anything diferen from 4 blade props. i update more photos at the top with the drone finished. And yes, the problem with the aux is caused by the new flight mode in the updated firmware of the turnigy evolution.

Benn   Apr 25, 2017 

Glad you found the source of the Aux 1 issue. Basically, once configured properly, flight mode doesn't change the way Betaflight receives the information, but it allows you to have the information of what mode you're in on the Evolution's screen, which can be nice :)

I highly recommend switching to a Furibee F36 as a base for this build (I have to publish the new build). It has way more power to carry the FPV gear.
I also ordered an E011 which I will try as soon as it gets in. I have high hopes.
Finally, I saw that Eachine finally made an F3 FC with AFHDS 2A receiver included ! (also ordered, i'll probably put that on the E011 frame).


Fulldawwg   Mar 02, 2017  

Hey I did an almost identical build the other day and I'm having issues with maybe my flight controller but I can't figure it out. I was wondering if you had any issues or how you set up beta flight and your controller so I can troubleshoot. Also do you by any chance have you had success with the FE A8S and a kiss fc?

Benn   Mar 02, 2017 

No serious issue on my end, but I'm using cleanflight.
Flashing a new version of it was a bit tricky though. Basically, I used zadig to install the drivers, unplugged the board, then, used the gui to download the firmware and finally, plugged in the board and flashed the firmware.
Concerning BF, have you looked at this :

Concerning the A8S, I'm using the X6B with my kiss build (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/1738) unfortunately so can't really help you there.
Tell me if I can help with anything else.


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