By Alien79 on Aug 09, 2019

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This is the latest version of my speed-build, i made this to try beating the record of the mighty RyanL from https://quadstardrones.com/.

The Frame is made with a 48mm carbon tube and few 3d printed parts, its almost a nightmare to assemble and its survavibility rate after a crash is almost 0, but its quite fast, can beat the drl racerX on 5s and almost touch 300kmh on 6s.



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QuadStar Drones   Feb 12, 2023  

Very cool! Looks like you posted this just as things in my life were hitting the fan so i didn't see it. I'm starting to get back into the swing of it, but very slowly. Nice work!

Alien79   Feb 12, 2023 

Hey Ryan,

thx:), i'm glad to hear from you!

I see you finally got your guinness certificate, thats awesome!

QuadStar Drones   Feb 13, 2023 

It took forever! Altho they were still willing to work with me, I gave up on the first attempt since it was nearly 2 years of going back and forth with Guinness. If you ever go for an attempt, be extremely prepared and document absolutely everything.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 09, 2019  

Whoah! Killer rig. I too admire Mr. Lademann, and am "in the hunt". I also love the APC 5260's. Have you flown the 6060's? They are my absolute favorite.

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HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 10, 2019 

You know.... I don't know. I know none of my setups are "overbuilt", but I do talk to the cats at PyroDrone (probably too much) and they seem to think that the Aikon 35A stacks are plenty for any of their 22XX series (We will soon see when I load these 7" on the 2208.5 2522 KV's! I'm starting with a 50% scaled throttle. So far that looks like: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/19150). The 2408.5's I would imagine require at least 45 (I use the F55A on mine). I do not really collect any stats and I think that is one of my downfalls\limitations (sophmore summer), nor do I look at black box data. To tell the truth tuning is still very mysterious to me. If it were not for this dual gyro FC I just bought I would be telling you that none of my quads run BF4 because I tune so poorly, and of course the stock BF4 tune has been nowhere near flyable for me. I haven't been able to get it much better. Changes just seem to make it worse. I'm hoping the tech in this Gigafusion makes it handle BF4 better than the F4's and (single gyro) F7's I've tried it with.). I will take the 6" out in the morning after turning on max amp stat in the OSD and let you know what I hit (aside: I was flying my 2" today... has a Flytower 12A. It said the max amps was 18. I kinda doubt it.... my point being: does the reports even reflect correct readings?... Who knows). BTW: My ARS-5/ARX-R mashup loves those APC 5045's. They very much feel like they are the 5" version of the 6043\6045. The 4" tri's (4043?) are to die for.

Alien79   Aug 12, 2019 

If i put 7 inches on a 2522kv motor i take the fire extinguisher with me :D, mine will go on fire with that load, i have a build with t-motor f80 2200kv + 5260 and i'm getting 180amps in acceleration and 160 to keep max speed for 2/3 seconds, i melted the xt60 connector a couple of times and had to cut the wires to turn it off.
If you calibrate the amp draw in BF using an external amp reader, you should get reliable numbers.
I think about props like cars gears, 5045 would be 4th gear, 5150 5th , 5260 6th and 6060 7th gear, when i see too much battery sag i shift the gear down.
Got the full body too :)

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 12, 2019 

You know... I mighta gone too crazy intentionally getting the highest KV on purpose, but I always test my new builds even between prop changes (if I have never run that prop). I have had Hyperlites so hot you couldn't touch them, and those motors fly to this day like smoothest I've ever seen (2204.5 2722KV's). I was really afraid I smoked them and the guys at PyroDrone told me they'd be fine, and they are. I figure I will probably end up cutting down to 6060's, but I dunno... my 6" w/2208.5 (lowest KV) come down nearly too cold IMO.
We'll see... I'm sure I'll have a sad edit at the end of the build sheet one of these days (not the first!).

p.s. Why would this build not make it to the featured page? I actually had this idea and love that you made it happen!

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