QAV-Skitzo Dark Matter

By Mayday_Mayhem on Feb 22, 2017

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I ordered the QAV-Skitzo Dark Matter frame after seeing it in video with Le Drib on Youtube. Le Drib won the frame in some sort of contest needless to say. She off bully and ready to fly.



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gerb   Feb 22, 2017  

Looks awesome man, how is that AIO FC working out?

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gerb   Feb 23, 2017 

Got any flight videos?

Mayday_Mayhem   Feb 23, 2017 

I will tonight. Today is the first day if flying/ tuning.

AncientJ   Apr 05, 2017 

How's that AIO board been working out?

G4Z   Mar 14, 2017  

using the vertical VTX mount under the top plate, did that make the top plat a little out of level? I just got this frame and have to decide on motors- I don't want the ceramic because I crash too much and need something more durable- any suggestions anyone?

BlackbirdFPV   Mar 22, 2017 

EMAX Motors

BlackbirdFPV   Feb 24, 2017  

Mayday_Mayhem, have you built this completely yet? My interest comes from the fact that I have the same setup in mind. I have the frame already and am contemplating the Skitzo motors. How are they? I have only used Emax motors and have had good luck and find they are very responsive. However, I am interested in Lumenier and only right to get Skitzo motors for Skitzo frame. Just wanted some feedback. The only difference in my build is that I will be using the Betaflight F3 flight controller once it comes out. Thanks!

BlackbirdFPV   Feb 22, 2017  

Stupid Questions, but do those Skitzo motors turn both ways? I am more familiar with Emax where one type turns CW and the other CCW.

Mayday_Mayhem   Feb 23, 2017 

They are all standard right turn lock nuts. I don't believe they make them in both CW and CCW.

gerb   Feb 23, 2017 

BlackbirdFPV, even with emax the CW and CCW just refers to the lock nuts, brushless motors can spin both directions, the rotation just refers to the threading for the lock nut. CW motors are intended to spin CW and so the threading I believe is CCW so the spinning of the motor actually tightens the nut. Likewise CCW motors I believe have CW threading. I am not positive on the whole CCW motors have CW threading etc but I am certain the intended rotation of the motor means it should self tighten the prop nut. That being said, just use nylock nuts and get all the same motors (I believe CCW motors give you regular CW rotation prop nuts) so you don't have to worry about which direction to turn your prop nuts.

BlackbirdFPV   Feb 24, 2017 

Thank you for the detailed response. Helped a lot.

dirtdiver   Jan 08, 2017  

Are you going to put the stickers on it, for the full effect?

gerb   Feb 22, 2017 

Looks like they're on in the pics? but maybe there weren't pics up when you commented.

Mayday_Mayhem   Feb 23, 2017 

Yeah they're partial on. My box was missing 2 arm stickers. GetFPV is sending me some new ones.

Sean   Jan 08, 2017  

Looks like this is going to be a pretty epic build, looking forward to seeing the finished product. I love that Skitzo used his own astronomy photo for the frame stickers.

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