By UpMostBeast FPV on Nov 13, 2019

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I have been wanting to build an eclair for a long time. I really like the role cage design. It seems quite durable and makes for a sweet looking build. I also wanted something that would have some more weight so I could throw it more like a 5 inch compared to a lightweight 2 inch but it would still be small enough to fly in a small park.

I decided to go with the kit from AirbladeUAV to save a bit of money and I have heard good things about the hglrc stack so it seemed like the obvious choice. This required that I hard mount the stack to help protect the pins. All in all, I am really happy with this build. It flies well except for some propwash and I can actually powerloop it unlike my Babyshark build plus the leds look sweet!

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Heat and Propwash Issues
I am having some heat issues with the AB1105 motors and significant propwash in hard turns and dives. I suspect it is due to the motors being too small for the power being asked of them since I have checked the blackbox logs and don't see much noise. I will probably replace them with some 1106 or 1304 motors if/when I break a motor in a crash. Any suggestions and thoughts on this issue are welcome. I am also gonna try the emax rush props to see if that helps since they are a much lower pitch than the gemfan props.



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HK-AERIAL VTOL   Nov 13, 2019  

Ooooo Oooooh.... I gotta suggestion. I run R3 1106's on mine, and that would have historically not been a good suggestion, but they just came down in price ($16 now on GetFPV... still a premium price for an 11XX in my book - was $20 a corner.). They are perfect. Other than that? Those Nano 1105's are SO GOOD on my X2. I can only imagine they are so very perfect for an Eclaire (and that is what I plan on puttin on my upcoming Eclaire Extreme (think that is the name)). The Nano 1206's are also very, very nice, but god they kill a Venom 850 3S quick. I am so ecstatic to see an Eclaire get built + posted! Mine gets the most flight time by far in my squadron!

UpMostBeast FPV   Nov 14, 2019 

Thanks for the suggestions man. I have been looking for some 1304's since that is what ciotti fpv recommends but the only ones I can find that are decent are the spintech ones and they are pretty expensive so I have started looking at other sizes. The 1206's seem a little amp hungry for the batteries I am running. Doesn't seem like there are many motors in the market made for a heavier style 2.5 inch build. I wish there were more options for 1304/1205 in the 6000kv range.

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