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Hi FPV freaks!

We would like to present you our newest prototype, the SkeliX.
The key ideas for this frame were to have easily replaceable arms while minimizing the well known arm wiggle of many frames with independently mounted arms.
The top part of the frame is made of two 3mm carbon fiber plates mounted on 3D printable TPU parts which allow some movement of the whole pod structure to help with shock absorption. Also we tried to avoid using aluminum as a carrying part of the frame because we all know alu bends at some point and this is something we do not want with our frames to happen (although its well proven that it does work with e.g the Floss).

So we tried something different: insert a "skeleton" (thats also where the frame got its name) which provides the needed guidance for the arms to avoid wiggle. It is obvious that the accuracy in CNC has to be very tight to make this work, but this turned out to be easier than expected. Right now we are still working on this arm design but so far it seems to fulfill our requirements. Long term testing is in progress right now.

The 3D printable parts are always available for free and support different camera angles and fpv antennas (Lollipo, micro axii, tbs triumph pro). one can also mount a gopro holder instead of the fin.

We might need to increase the strength of the outer T part of the skeleton but so far none of the them gave in.

Tell us what you think of this design! Keen to know your opinions and inputs.



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eugeneugen   Dec 08, 2019  

ich bin neu hier. würde gerne wissen wie sie ihren fc mit dem racerstar 50a metal verbunden haben?   Dec 13, 2019 

Ganz normal wie es sich gehört - das beim ESC mitgelieferte Kabel an den Anschluss beim ESC (der ganz bescheiden Positioniert ist) und das andere Ende in richtiger Reihenfolge an den Flight Controller angelötet. Da die ESC keinen 5V Regler an Bord hat, braucht es eine entsprechende FC oder einen externen 5V reg.

fovea   Jul 05, 2019  

the most beautifull carbon finish i ever saw was on one of your frames, feels like silk. i like to own one.
to be honest, i dont like the tpu part design for the cam, it could be more creative designe in my eyes. probably its because i saw the designs of user m490fpv?!? but i like to own one anyway the look :-p
i have got a question, a manufacture like you with highest level of cnc work and carbon materials, why no fully carbon canopy? probably i dont understand the downsides (it will increase the production and price of the product i beleive, would it double the price in the end?) but if i could wish; i like as much carbon as possible from you on a frame and only small additions or adapters of prints.

in general this is a very nice frame, simplicity and functionality looks very very promising. thanks for posting
i stop write because i have to figure out your website :-) dreaming about possible future builds.   Jul 11, 2019 

hi fovea
Thanks for your feedback! really appreciate your ideas and inputs.
Maybe we'll go ahead and design a more fancy cam mount one day, but as a designer i'm more straight forward instead of fancy and all beautiful. However I really understand the need for good looking quads 🤓

Regarding your question: I like to take a look at all those fancy full carbon Frames with alot of work put into, but one does rarely see any of those beeing the "primary work horse" for the pilot. Frames like this are often considered to be a special build and not the REAL one which is used for everyday flying. This might be due to the increased price of custom laminated frames. As i emphasized before, we focus our frame designs on functionalty and durability instead of all fancy optics while (possibly) beeing not really convenient.

Furthermore, the amount of 3D printed parts in this frame is representatitve for our business policy: our frames should be customizable and protected by 3D printed accesoires which can be easily and cheaply replaced by our customers. By customizable I mean that we're trying to provide STL's for many different parts (e.g the fin: AXII/AXII Micro / TBS TRIUMPH, cam mount 45deg, 50deg, 55deg, fully variable). The list goes on with antenna support for the TBS Immortal T as well as the Race antenna. I'm sure you get my point by now.

Overall, to get back to your question, the arguments of versatility and exchangeability do hold perfectly for 3D printed parts but do not hold as well for laminated carbon pods. Maybe some day i might fall for laminated carbon but right now i prefer to used 3D printed accesoires on our frames.

Cheers ✌🏻

Jodie Froster   Jul 06, 2019  

Very clever

thumbtwiddler   Jul 05, 2019  

dude this frame design is actually insane

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