QSD ARX-R meets Dave_C ARS-5

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Jul 04, 2019

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I saw the Dave_C series of frames (Calimero, Asterix, and ARS-5) and they were the first 3D printed frame that I absolutely had to have. I am flying a couple quads that are similar (ARX-R's), but are both purpose built for drag runs. I wanted an "open arm" design quad that I could putt around in and do some nice moves without having to have an extreme electronics package. This ARS-5 sports PyroDrone Hyperlite 2204 2722 KV's. This is the fourth quad in a row I've put together with some variation of Hyperlites; these are definately the lightest I have at only 20 grams! They are an awesome line, and it is a very good chance I will attempt to sample every offering (stator sizes... not each KV). The 2204.5's are very short in comparison to all of my others, but this frame is also very light. I do not think it should need anywhere near the lift capabilities of the 2207.5 (or heaven forbid 2405.5's or 2408.5's), and like I said... I kinda want this to just be my "easy every-day" machine.

Dookie (work chum) did my print work again. He nailed it perfect on the first try (thanks Dookie... you too Dave_C).

6-22-2019: The room inside the ARS-5 is plenty enough for a 30MM stack, but I think I am doing something else with the top side. I have been flying the ARX-R from QuadStarDrones enough now and may decide to use either a 20MM or 30MM canopy from one gone into the heavens permanently. This quad is not going to be counted on to break the sound barrier, but I can still get some real utility out of the ARX encased stack concept.

6-23-2019: I have decided that I should instead go with the standard ARS-5 arrangement as I have these really nice standoffs on hand. Dave_C will point out that I am building this one with the stack backwards. That is correct. I am gonna either bring the power straight up or down through the frame. I can see that this is likely to be a very surprising quad once it is complete.

7-3-2019: I have flown this rig in a tertiary, tune focused trial, and I think the open armed arrangement will work better with a more vertical canopy. It feels like the flatter layout works the motors harder than just using the thrust to propel the craft forward. My 2204's came down from their inaugural just as hot as any motor has felt to me personally. My belief is that the ARX-R canopy puts a quad in a configuration where the motor utilization is much more natural. I just so happened to have crashed my first 6" ARX-R (... being rebuilt in an ungodly fashion), and the canopy from it is fine but for a few scuffs (character). These contemporaries (Ryan from QSD and Dave_C) both have great examples here on RB, and so it only makes sense that their designs would be able to coincide (I mean... I thought of it, so I should get SOME credit =]). BUT... How does it fly like this?...

7-4-2019: I forgot to take the standoff screws off before snapping the pic. I may keep the back two and fashion something that will cover the RX as I can't stand it hanging out like that. I could most likely get it under the canopy. So... how does it fly in this format? Well... It flies like an ARX-R! It is light, has lots of thrust, and turns on a dime. The motors? They come down feeling absolutely perfect (just a little warm which means they did something). It is nowhere near as powerful as my (real) ARX's, but wow.... I gotta say that when I get some APC's (5045 or something like that?) on this puppy it's gonna be a blast! I am happy to have it in my squadron.

7-9-2019: This one did end up being what I ultimately would have always liked to have... an ARX flight style that is really light, not over powered, and a good "breathy" prop. It is easy to fly and performs just as if it was built from CF. I did think the frame was PLA... it is ABS. Doesn't matter... the thing is a flier. The 20 gram Hyperlites are fantastic as even at that weight they can still push the APC 5045's and come down in a few minutes at perfect temp. That is all a boy can ask for.



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Sabre   Aug 07, 2019  

how does the f25 esc cope with the big motors ?

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 07, 2019 

It does really, really well. That is my first MK2 Mamba, and though the layout is very tight (I'm old), it spins these 2204's with no problem. The quad is overall very light, but 25A seems to be more than enough for this particular setup (APC 5045's is the prop I usually run on this one).

Dave_C FPV   Jul 05, 2019  

Awsome! Love how it looks with Ryans canopy

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 05, 2019 

It flies like a dream like this! I just had a feeling that if I had the thrust being utilized in that direction that I would overcome the tune + motor heat issues more easily. The stack was already in that direction and I only ordered half of the stand-offs I needed, and so I figure I would at least try it since I had a couple extra canopies laying around. The results to me are fantastic. I took it up a couple times last night and this morning with the APC 5045's and it feels great all the way through the throttle band (I am scaled to 60% right now... that's all I need here).

QuadStar Drones   Jul 04, 2019  

I love the way it looks! I've been working on some 3D printed frames now and are turning out great. I started with toothpick size, but went back to 5" for the challenge...

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 04, 2019 

When I had it in the "flat" configuration it was not happy. It was either learn to tune the sucker or try something I was familiar with. It wouldn't hold up to serious abuse (print specs), but I am just gonna fly it more according to its capability. It is light as hell and makes the motors feel very well matched. I think it can at least spin some APC 5045's. All in all... I could really see a 3D printed ARX working out just fine. I just got a Calimero printed by CloudCraft in nylon and it seems very tough. I would now like to have a 5" printed in that (only thing is... I got white. Do they make a black nylon? They must...).

QuadStar Drones   Jul 04, 2019 

They have black nylon. For now, I'm sticking with PLA. I was able to make the 5" frame I'm designing just as stiff as carbon fiber. There is no canopy or cam mount for it yet but it currently weighs 34g. I did not try standing on this one yet, but the previous iteration weighed 36.5g and I stood on that one without breaking it!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 04, 2019 

I just took this one out with the APC 5045's and it was far smoother than the (old) V1S I was testing on. I just got my Hyperlite 2208.5 1722 KV's from PyroDrone for the 6" replacement. The speed canopy looks so Flash Gordon you can't help but want to fly it. eBay Bucks bought me all the electronics, and so that thing is getting closer to a reality. My sophmore summer has been great for my squadron's ranks.

Dave_C FPV   Jun 25, 2019  

Looks great! It's a really smart choice to use those light components. Looking foreward to see the end result!
Btw what material ist that print?

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 04, 2019 

I don't how I missed this comment, but I think I told ya... it's PLA (... found out it is a 40% fill). I just got back a really sick nylon printed Calimero frame that I am totally stoked to start building. The ARX-R canopy really altered the flight characteristics of the ARS-5 in a fantastic way. I never imagined this build would turn out to be such a great flier. Maybe I will use my remaining 20MM ARX-R canopy on that one. 😊

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