AirBlade Eclair v2 Lite 3" (Pink)

By RRA on Sep 08, 2019

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3850kV version, Ratel 1.66, 233g (sub 250g) with props in (for my records :P).
It flies very well for ~8 minutes of basic flight on a Tattu 4S 850mAh.

Build Logs:
Had to set the Caddx Ratel to NTSC to get the OSD at all, but now it seems to strobe/flicker passed the Betaflight logo.
Not sure if connecting the VTX and camera ground together would help just yet... Also had to focus the camera lens.
Edit: didn't help... oh well, but somehow, the next time I flew, I only got some diagonal noise lines, but no flickering, so that's good enough for this first try of a sub 250g.

Next build with buzzer, GPS, capacitor, ...
See also: ToC



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fovea   Sep 08, 2019  

i personaly choose a smaller battery 650mah, i fly the superman motors aswell. i didnt try the hq twoblade, i will give it a try..

RRA   Sep 08, 2019 

How long are you getting with 650mah and tri-blade? :)

fovea   Sep 08, 2019 

i tried the gemfan 3025 twoblade but i didnt like it enough. i fly avan props 3021 triblades and gemfan 3035, i like both. i have to replace one motor at the moment, i cant tell exactly - about 3 to 4.5min. i tried my 850mah aswell but to me they increase the ability a lot, probably its a presonal feel or preference. the superman motors have very well efficiency in general. i dont care alot about flighttimes, but i tried them on a 450mah 2s battery and get 8min flightime - sure diffrent performence.. but they are usable in very diffrent settups. i guess the flighttimes will be better on a 3s battery up to 1000mah.
when my supermans are in the air again first try will be the hq3030x3... and hopefully the twoblades aswell.

fovea   Sep 08, 2019  

nice build!

RRA   Sep 08, 2019 

Hey thanks, only my 2nd functional build, it's been a long road to plan parts for weight and adjust 3D models and print them.
I flew a few packs, it's going well to practice acro mode in the park legally (under 250g!).
Only small issue is some light diagonal lights on the video feed, but nothing too annoying and I'm already starting my "green" version of this build (see ToC) to be able to have GPS rescue for long range.
That'll be a harder fit under 250g, but we'll see!

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