5S F80 Pro Orange Chameleon

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Jun 15, 2019

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On this rainy Saturday afternoon I decided I would share a build from this past winter. I got it together in the midst of the arctic blast, and so I am really only now getting a chance to get it flown a little. Even with the big 5S 1800, this quad behaves much like my Diatone GT's (one X-Foot, one F60 Pro II). It is fast and nimble despite its heft. The F80 Pro 1900's are anemic on 4S, but they don't drop out of the sky for being starved, and that is what you can expect for a low KV 2408. They do not require the high voltage of 6S, but rather that little difference that 5S gives. The FlyColor ESCs were a steal in comparison to others in this range, and I love that the LEDs are on the bottom and have that nice cool lighting effect instead of glaringly bright like my LX5 with XRotor 45's. The addition of the V1S 4.8's make this quad fly characteristically very much like my Gecko and Marmotte... which both sport the same (4 and 5 inch respectively). It is very smooth in the air and very authoritative. The old school Matek F405 will be the last quad I will build with that FC (its been a great FC I think, but it has been succeeded handily by the F722). The same goes for the camera. For some reason I used to try to go cheap on the camera. This 1177 Foxeer looks and performs like an older unit, and so it does go well with the rest of this quad as none of the parts were very "new" when I put it together. To this day I think the frame is one of the nicer designs by Armattan. The square tubed camera cage is multitudes stronger than the Marmotte.
The giant Foxeer TM600 VTX is a leftover from my very first build list purchase that was hilariously unecessary, and so that is really nice to have FINALLY used. It really is a great VTX but that quad was only a 2"! This old school Chameleon frame was literally built for the TM600 style TX form factor. It fits like a glove under the upper deck and only requires screwing in the antenna to mount it. It leaves the perfect amount of room underneath for an R-XSR or XM+. Pretty nice. This is the first build I've used the Foxeer stubby on, and it seems as good as any other (they are actually quite cheap but very well made).
This was one of those "pre flux discovery" quads for me. That always requires too much effort and solder. I am kinda amazed at how resilient this bird is despite that . I should probably reflow those ESC joints, but until it wont fly.... I'll just send it as is.



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