By WILLBEER on Jun 09, 2019

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My first 7" build, the FR7 is an amazing open source design by Jeremy Mariscal. Flying 4400 5S (dual 2200s) with 2408.5 1922kv motors, this quad is designed to be a strong, fast, cinematic mountain surfer. The FR7 is one of the coolest designs I have seen. Now that I've got some nice build and glamour photos, next will be to test, tune & send it. I will update this build with video from this bird soon.

FR7 v4.x Frame Cut Files found on Thingiverse:
FR7 v4.x Print Files found on Thingiverse:
3D TPU parts printed my BMC3D:
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Bikke Vliegen FPV   Apr 19, 2022  

So much tpu in front, it's insane :). Adds to the weight I think.

Bikke Vliegen FPV   Apr 13, 2022  

Are there mounts with adjustable cam angle?

snick8467   May 08, 2020  

I created an account just to come here and say "Daaaaaaaaaaaam". TY for the pics, and the great video. I might just go steal your parts list some day to make this .

WILLBEER   May 08, 2020 

Here's a more recent video. The first/long sequence, along the river, is with my FR7. The rest of the cliff diving stuff is with my 6" Vector.

snick8467   May 08, 2020 

very pretty area. I'm in northern texas. haven't seen snow in 5yrs...(moved from ny). Where did you film? I gotta figure out how to get these parts into the frame and soldered up ,and programed. Are you using inav? (guessing because of gps)

WILLBEER   May 08, 2020 

No to iNav. I tried a about two years ago but I could not get it to fly acro the way that I like. The GPS functions are awesome but it did not fly like a proper freestyle quad. Maybe it's better nowadays? If you want tons of information about the FR frames, from users and the designer of it, join the Mid-Range Mountain Surfing Group on Facebook. Everything you need to know is there. Use the search feature, before asking the same questions that have been asked a million times before (annoys people). If you can't find it in a search, make a post. Lots of helpful folks there.

Pimpmykwad   Apr 22, 2020  

just gorgeous!!!! I have a question: which diversity antenna do you use at the back of the quad? homemade? or do you have a reference?

zishorFPV   Oct 23, 2019  

Can I just ask what kind of antenna you have used to connect the immortal t in the front? Looking at the frame and the platypuss diversity mount it seems the standard 120mm length will not be enough.
P.S. just an awesome build!!!!
Best Frank

d'jazz.fpv   Sep 17, 2019  

I have a question :p)
How do you do for multicolors TPU parts ? Do you have a bi extruder printer, or you just change filament for each color ?

hrucci   Sep 10, 2019  

Great Build.  I just purchased mine and getting ready to build.  I noticed u r using tbs nano diversity, how did u get the antenna extended?

ddckl   Sep 01, 2019  

How did you extend the immortal T to reach the diversity rx?
Do you have pids for BF 4.0.x ?
Thanks in advance I'm building mine now 😁

d'jazz.fpv   Aug 12, 2019  

Great job for this build.
What is the red long straight antenna on the rear (near the Lumenier AX-ii) ?

Irish126   Jul 05, 2019  

Great looking build. Are you using 2 immortal Ts? Unclear what's inside the orange straw. Thanks. What range and fight times are you getting?

ledimestari   Jun 23, 2019  

What would you estimate is price for carbon as sheet material?

WILLBEER   Jun 23, 2019 

No clue

duke_vah   Jun 10, 2019  

wow, such a beautiful frame and build. I am also interested in 6 inch. I wonder if you could share just the weight of frame? btw, is there a place to order this to be cut? thanks.

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duke_vah   Jun 11, 2019 

Thank you so much for the info.

ThumbzFPV   Jun 13, 2019 

How's the stiffness on the actual frame? It sounds good from the video, but I've had a few frames cut from CNCM and was a little disappointed in the carbon

WILLBEER   Jun 14, 2019 

The arms are 6mm and frame seems very stiff.

Currently   Jun 13, 2019  

What's the big red antenna tube? Also, what an amazing build!

WILLBEER   Jun 13, 2019 

Thanks! It's got the active element of stock crossfire dipole inside tube, with ground element balled up inside tpu print.

Ghastly   Jun 10, 2019  

its so pretty :')
that shits like emaculate dude nice job
im psyched to see it rip i might have to get one XD

WILLBEER   Jun 10, 2019 

Thanks Matt :D
FYI, I ordered two frames...might be able to hook you up ;)

Ghastly   Jun 10, 2019 


gilesclement   Jun 11, 2019 

I'd be interested in a frame as well. If anyone else would like to do another group buy.

bootbox   Jun 11, 2019  

Love the Gulf racing theme, nice build.

Quantum FPV   Jun 11, 2019  

Undenyably a sick build. Keep up the good work!

Pylot818   Jun 10, 2019  

Beautiful bird. Can't wait to see some footage!

Jeffmhopkins   Jun 09, 2019  

Sweet build man... FR7 yeah buddy

WILLBEER   Jun 09, 2019 

Thank you Jeff for the compliment and all the help/inspiration to make this possible. I've got your tune locked and loaded and will be maidening in a couple hours :)

thumbtwiddler   Jun 09, 2019  

I've literally never seen a more beautiful photo of a cool build, like, ever

WILLBEER   Jun 09, 2019 

Thank you, that is really nice to hear. I am glad that you appreciate the build and photography, I am passionate about both.

benjo   Jun 09, 2019  

coming from an Avionics background, its nice to see soldering that isn't over cooked and wiring routed properly. it just makes my brain feel nice.
If only I could pull it off too...

WILLBEER   Jun 09, 2019 

I couldn't do this at first but I have gotten much better.

Ely   Jun 09, 2019  

hollllllllly shit that is beautiful

WILLBEER   Jun 09, 2019 

Thank you :)

QuadX   Jun 09, 2019  

Love the build! Cleanest I've seen for a 7"!

Do you know if there is a 6" version available? Are props in view of the GoPro footage?

WILLBEER   Jun 09, 2019 

There is not a 6" version of this frame but you could always just run 6" props on it. No props in view.

Jeffmhopkins   Jun 09, 2019 

QuadX, check my FR7 for example footage with a Session in superview, no props in view

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