Ultralight 3 Inch (75g)

By Dave_C FPV on Jun 04, 2019

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There have already been a few 3 inch adaptations of the Toothpick concept and the Sanchez frame is my take on it. Super light 3" builds like these just got much nicer since we got whoop style all in in one (AIO) boards like the GEPRC with an amazing 12A 4S rating. Those boards make it possible to use bigger 1404 and 1304 motors that easily spin three inch props on a simple Toothpick like build.
The Frame focussed on low weight and with 7.5g it is hardly heavier than a regular toothpick frame. There are thre "no compromise" versions that fit either 16x16, 20x20 or AIO boards plus a fourth version that has all three options but is a bit heavier.
I also tested this build with a Caddx Turtle V2. I'll link a youtube video blow where I go into details on that.
All files nessecary to get the frame CNC cut are availabe for free on Thingiverse



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LeinesFPV   Feb 17, 2020  

thanks a lot for the awesome build!

One question:
Can you make another canopy (Nano Pod 14mm) with the hole dimensions for the screws, only with the size of the Caddx Mount?


Specktech   Aug 10, 2019  

Your quad just looks sooo fast....Really like that simplistic design. Top notch build.

Rice_Bowl   Jul 18, 2019  

hey whats your flight times and battery on this awesome quad? im thinking of using the motors but not really sure on 6000kv

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Dave_C FPV   Jul 19, 2019 

6000kV has the advantage that it works both on 3S and 2S. It's somwhere in between.
I have 1404s with around 5000 and 7000 kV coming soon (the brand new Flywoo and Xing) to test those kV options in comparison.
Really cool that we will soon have more choice for that specific stator size.

Rice_Bowl   Jul 22, 2019 

im getting the flywoo 1404 3750kv soon. Im expecting longer flight (maybe i can get 5 mins off a 550mah 4s)

Dave_C FPV   Jul 23, 2019 

Nice I have a set of them coming too

alwaysbless   Jun 07, 2019  

How do you have the vtx secured under the canopy? Does it attach somewhere or are you using double sided tape or just letting it sit htere?

Dave_C FPV   Jun 07, 2019 

wrapping it in a bit of electrical tape and just stuffing it in the canopy with the RX works perfectly fine. Its all so thight and tiny that it doesnt move around.

alwaysbless   Jun 07, 2019 

Sweet, gonna use a gtx nano in my since im cheap but its nearly the same size so good to know. I emailed that cnc company in the states about the cost of cutting a few frames. Ill let you know what the figure is when I hear back in case you wanna share with others.

alwaysbless   Jun 07, 2019 

28 USD Shipped for 2x Sanchez Frame @ CNCMadness

tha_Gradusnik   Jun 06, 2019  

Hmm bangood description of these motors says that it eat up to 14A in 6000kv version. And you used 6000kv motors according to photos. But your esc's are only 12A. Didn't understand this moment.

tha_Gradusnik   Jun 06, 2019 

I meant 14A on 11.1V with 3045 props and on 6000kv version

Dave_C FPV   Jun 06, 2019 

14A is probably measured in a static thrust test. Real amp draw is always at least 30% lower, especually on a light quad. they pull 8.5 amps max with 3035 3 blade props when flying

Dave_C FPV   Jun 04, 2019  

The Van   Jun 06, 2019 

Man, this thing is sick. Perfect application of the class I think! This is what 3" quads are supposed to be

QuadifyRC.com   Jun 05, 2019  

Simply the best build I've seen in a while. It's the anti-cinewhoop.

UpMostBeast FPV   Jun 05, 2019  

thats a sick build man!

Rice_Bowl   Jun 05, 2019  


Jodie Froster   Jun 04, 2019  


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