Chameleon Ti LR 7"

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on May 26, 2019

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This Chameleon Ti LR build is very close to another that appeared here on I basically took the same frame, motors, props, and antenna as the build depicted at and built around those with the electronics I am most comfortable using (hey... I like Matek and T-Motor!). The builder of the Ti BigBlock Mountain Destroyer offered to help me get this quad locked in, but once again reverting to BF 3.5.7 was as much a help of getting this quad dialed in as anything else can. Will they ever fix the BF 4.0 tuning? The last flights I took with this one were at 8 and 8.5 minutes and the "time left" meter claimed it had 7+ to go (I do not personally think I could get 15 minutes, nor will I try). These are really LR flights, and so I'm coasting and not stomping the gas all the time. The AKK VTX is very powerful (oh yeah - I also didn't know if you hook up smart audio you need to set the defaults in BF so it doesnt change them to something you don't want). Does that LR antenna really work better than something else? I tried stubby and then LR version of this Lumenier antenna, and I can say: "Yes! It works very well". This is an expensive build, but there is more room on this one than under the hood of a '79 Fleetwood (the end result flies just like that - a huge GM car with a huge motor); making it a real joy to build. This quad has a similar footprint like a small camera rig but still retains the control and power that we FPV pilots demand.

Edit: You gotta be kidding me? The Matek FC's I've used forever are GPS ready! $11 and four wires in a bank that is setup just for this (+/-/TX/RX) and activate the port and BOOM... we got GPS fix in seconds!


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DustinTheWind   Jun 17, 2019  

looking good friend. I'm still on 4.0 with the rpm filter. But Rpm or not, it's all about the filter values. can I send you a dump or 2?

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HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 03, 2019 

Ahh no problem. It has rained here for about two weeks straight, and though I'm a bit of a priss I can find a spot to fly inbetween storms.... if there is one. I got four days off now, so first chance I'm gonna try that config set out.

DustinTheWind   Jul 12, 2019 

Have you tried that dump yet?

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 12, 2019 

Yes! I forgot to tell ya! I tried those and I do think the ride is a little better than what I was runnin' stock. It wasn't a giant change but it wasn't initally too bad. With that tune I could hear the osc's in the sharper turns in the yard. Not a real big deal of course as I can't\don't whip this one around as much as any of my others. Do you have a new dump for me to try?
I also got some 7x4" props from APC (middle shelf in the pic). They are not super pitchy but if I hit the throttle real good I can tell I need to tune it down before I try that again. I love the way that APC's are "breathy", but it got really uncharacteristic there for a second. I had to put the HQ tri's back on. I know the APC's are killer, but I also know I'll need to figure out something for them. If you got something you think is appropriate for those lemme know.

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