ARX-R v2 Aerum polar x p mimo 214g Crawdidy, fifoley o da swamp

By cptandy on Apr 25, 2019

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You want to know: 1)how it flies, 2)how fast it is and 3)if it can take a beating? Read on….

1)All the other drones I have flown have been bruisers, they beat the air into submission. ARX-Rv2 flows through the air with a wraith like feel, subtly there as it carves its way through the air column, in a flick of the throttle its gone. It is on rails with stock BF4.0. It is the most locked in tight as hell look at me I can leave burning prop marks in the air when I turn that I have ever experienced. The vertical spars do not cause the craft to pull in a direction at any throttle speed,attitude, or altitude. I have flown in 50+mph gusts and get pushed way less than with my other drones. Flying in the wind seems less annoying with this frame.

2) That is how fast it feels to me…..

For reference my avg is 2 laps in a 2 min heat, with me taking a victory lap for a third… our sport pilots pull about 6-8 laps depending on skill.

1st pack: It moves with an erie ease that belies it’s looks. It’s freaking fast not like I am all pumped up about my new toy zoomie drone look how fast it is. It’s more of a frontal assault on the senses where the brain is trying to compensate for ludicrous speeds, while trying to understand that this is impossible, while your face is cramping because you can’t stop smiling thinking holy crap this is possible, omg my mah draw is way too low, my motors scream less but I move too fast, the sounds don't match up, ZOMG I have never been able to accelerate that fast, ZOMG it turns too fast, must slow rates,,,,brain compensate please...why is is sooo smooth….. this is heaven on sticks…..errrrrr Brain rebooting… error 404... please stand by…. I shakeily removed the goggles, like a dream I see myself change the pack and place the drone on the block. I sat down and once again I am the drone….

2nd pack: Face continued to cramp up I flew on. The acceleration is still incredible, the turning is so sharp it feel like spiderman is on my back hooking the gates so I can wheel about them. 2 laps completed

10 packs or here about: Brain seems to be booting up finally and reality is now something tangible again, face seems to have gone from burning to an odd cold spreading across my face. 3 laps completed

20 packs: face is numb from smiling, botox must feel like this… 4 laps

30-40+ packs in: Hmmmm is it possible that Physics is really a thing? Seconds from a 5th lap…

3)Does it like the beatings?
She has the curves, the looks, and a mean streak a mile wide. She has hit other drones, gates and the ground over and over. I ordered 2 extra arms and they sit in my backpack for the day I break one…. Which has not happened. The pod cleans up well and has not broke. The o-rings are amazing! So amazing that it should be the new thing for attaching batteries to quads. I am using 1500mah batteries and I have had 10+ HARD as heck, crap I broke my drone wrecks that did not damage anything. I have run about 60+ packs on the track…


So in closing here is my advice for your build. You can use just about any stack components you want which is a huge plus. There is room for all your stuff with some room to spare for a GPS if you want to go for the max speed runs (The creator is in the process of validation of his fastest drone top speed pass with Guinness World Records with the v1 drone.). There is room behind the camera for a AKK nano 3 that attaches to the back of the camera and get full tilt on the cam without touching stack components. You only get 2 motor screws and if you don’t use threadlocker blue then you are far braver than I! You need to look at the motor screws and make sure they go far enough into the motor mount. The top motor mount plate can be removed if you like a little deeper penetration as long as the motor is level on the arm.

Motors are amazing. These are premium motors! When you open the box and feel the motors for the first time the soft wires you will understand. It is dripping with refinement and class Droneart and T-motor really outdid themselves! Motor is smooth with plenty of power gets great amp efficiency.

The Aerum antenna is a mixed bag like most things. Tough when attached to the ARXR-V2 TPU canopy for sure but the reception is only good for racing (which I believe who the intended audience is for). I experienced very little penetration power with the combo as pictured in the title. I flew behind a shed 30 feet behind me and lost feed. I like it because it is so small on the googles and the reception is good for racing. I flew all day and in the end I would say it is on par with the VAS switchblade as a goggle antenna without the penetration. If you are brave and smash down the wires it will fit in the fatshark case without having to remove it. Why this is such a nice feature to me I have no idea but it really is.

Aurem P reception is on par with the other quad antennas I use. I did not find any issues in a normal race environment and was able to reach out to my Frsky ssi warning with 25mw and clean picture. As a quad antenna it is really really tough ( I have smashed the Aerum P into the top bar of the gate far too many times). I am not sure if it is supposed to be my pod fin but it is….

I think the Aerum is wonderful new tech and I hope it continues to improve!



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Sabre   Aug 07, 2019  

how does the f25 esc cope with the big motors ?

cptandy   Aug 07, 2019 

The mamba stack was meh at best. When the quad took a hard hit the FC would reset and eventually burned an esc. I know people have had good luck with the mamba stack I think I may have got a bad one. When it worked it worked well though. I would try it again with the mamba stuff but may just spend more for better gear?

cptandy   Apr 30, 2019  

The Mamba Esc burned and took a motor with it. The Mamba FC would get stuck and have to cycle power during most landings/impacts.

ThumbzFPV   Apr 26, 2019  

Haha! I loved reading your description of what flying this thing is like. It's absolutely spot on and makes me realize I should've taken some more time to write my build. It's amazing to see how far this frame has come and I'm glad to see others building them. Great job! I'm on my third, just got my 6" finally built

cptandy   Apr 28, 2019 

Your review is the one that started this... Now I have 2.... and you have 3.....hmmmmmmm is this a game we are playing??? Your builds have really clear pictures showing how things fit together, that and your flight description made me take the chance on the ARXR-V2. The part in your review were you said you got another one so soon really made me pause for thought. Honestly I hate to say it don't hate me.... I checked the stock and ordered the last one in stock... FLIGHTONE version incoming with review...... Is Flightone better than BF4.O time to see!

ThumbzFPV   Apr 29, 2019 

I'm glad you ordered the last one actually! Now there gets to be a new shipment of parts for me to try and break :D I think I'll keep my limi to three and just buy a bunch of spare bits for them. Now I just need to talk Ryan into building a 3" version....

P0operMcWank   Apr 26, 2019  

That antenna looks like those things my dentist puts in my mouth when he takes an xray. They hurt my cheeks alot so I kept eating them and the dentist got pissed and stopped taking xrays. Mission accomplished.

cptandy   Apr 26, 2019 

Ha that is funny! You are right that is the worst part of the denstist.

Steinkopf   Apr 28, 2019 

My gosh! They was hurting the mouth cheeks and now they hurt the butt cheeks since you eat them things. You eat so much with those awful teeth

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