Wizard with vertigo Mamba 40a upgrade

By kwadkenstine on Apr 03, 2019

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Broken wizards and other bits of stuff.
Just mucking about , I put this together . With a little thought . I hope the pics tell the story , it was really easy.
The heat shrink on the ends keeps everything from sliding about and i feel will give some vibration dampening.
I used a bench grinder to mod the ends of the arms (DONT BREATHE THE DUST).
Use what you have as far as arms .But the key is the whole pattern on the wizards and some other frames.
With these bottom plates i didnt have to drill extra holes only make the 4 in the middle a bit bigger so the end of the arms would slide all the way in.
Have at it!!!!
In the next few days i will be making a moulded canopy for this not printed . Lost wax mould technique with polyester resin and carbon fiber.
if interested in seeing the process let me know.
Update upgrade.
Finally got a replacement stack to replace the faulty all in one i originally used.
Mamba 40 amp , are they good . seems ok so far. only had light for one pack so far BF 4.004 .
Clean video without the cap . Just remembered i forgot to install it . Must do that.



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Jodie Froster   May 01, 2019  

So how does she fly? Do you get any noticable flight characteristics from the arms? Does it wobble?

kwadkenstine   May 01, 2019 

Hi .
I built it with a sus used racerstar tatoof4 all in one . flew good for about 3.2 thrashes then blew a esc
ordered a new asgard 32 .will do a follow up .
okey dokey

IcarusIX   Apr 14, 2019  

dude that looks sick, especially the 'stitches'! your antenna placement looks pretty dodgy ngl, but apart from that, nice. considering custom cnc arms? the holes of the nighthawk x5 arms (idk they look like it) for the old motor mount is a bit of a weak spot probably

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kwadkenstine   Apr 14, 2019 

yes the antenna is dodg but i was keen to fly it. the arms are nighthawk 6 and the motor mounts will be revised.
Made with shit from the bin.
Thanks for the G

kwadkenstine   Apr 14, 2019 

I am lazy its the angle on the nighthak arms. if it works WOOO HOOO if there is a issue i will change it

IcarusIX   Apr 15, 2019 

oh IC, let us know how that works out (I have spare arms (also from a nighthawk), might give something like this a go)

fovea   Apr 03, 2019  

with 5" props?

kwadkenstine   Apr 03, 2019 


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