The Seagull

By The Van on Mar 29, 2019

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This is a prototype.

For this top-mount cousin to the Raven, I wanted to check all the boxes that the low profile pod design doesn't deliver on. I first put pen to paper (literally) in November, and today I maidened the Seagull.

It's a wide-x frame on a lifted cage with a camera housing that's adjustable from 0° to 60° without putting props in view.

Fits up to 5.5" propellers, currently.
Room for up to 3 separate stacks, several antenna mounting options & room to expand with things like rear-facing cameras, GPS modules, etc.
Narrow 5mm thick arms mount to a 2.5mm main plate from underneath with a 2mm brace & press fit nuts up top.
Stacks mount directly to the main plate without interference from the arms, for easier access to both.

I have a different part-list planned, but for now I've transplanted my 7" Raven right into it. Motors could be a bit higher Kv for 5" on 4s, but it flew great today with just a small bump to pitch P and D, putting them closer to stock BF. Some tuning left to do but footage was pretty smooth despite pretty high & gusty winds.

Dry Weight 345g, AUW with a CNHL 1300 & Session as shown is 640g

Excuse the dirty TPU haha, session case is well used & I touched the front pieces with carbon dust on my fingers. White TPU doesn't stay white for long :)

The last few pics are of an early prototype that's fully-printed. I made this only for testing part fitment - pics included to show standard Hero mount.



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Jifi   Jun 10, 2019  

Back for an update. Progress?

The Van   Jun 10, 2019 

Yo! Good timing, haha I just made an updated post a few days ago -->

Dave_C FPV   Jun 06, 2019  

Wow, that is such a smart design with the FPV camera angle and GoPro angle that adjust simultaneously! Really nice work man!

Jifi   Apr 21, 2019  


The Van   Apr 22, 2019 

There have been some shipping delays with hardware on our test units unfortunately. I've made do using some off-sized standoffs, and another tester opted to supply his own HW so only two test units are out so far. Unfortunately it looks like pre-orders won't be up this month, but more likely in May.

Test units have answered some questions I had, and changes are being made to accomodate. The arms have to be split up so I can run the carbon weave straight down the arms. I've... bent an arm, which bent back okay.. but the other test unit also broke an arm a bit too easily so I'll most likely widen them just a tad as well. Either that, or have them cut thicker. I've also moved some hardware around and added more holes in the base plate for mounting & weight saving. Overall though, I've been progressively beating the crap out of this thing & the parts I was concerned about (the camera cage) are holding up really well.

Thanks for asking! Updating main post with this info.

xxLagtastic   Apr 22, 2019 

Is there a way i can like this TONS of times instead of just once lol cant wait to see it out in the wild!

Currently   Apr 01, 2019  

This is definetly going to be my next 5" build, its so clean looking!

SkyLine FPV   Apr 01, 2019  

very nice build

RZFPV   Mar 31, 2019  

im wondering if removing the tpu in the upper half and swapping it with another type of material would help save weight and give u the option t mkae wider/thicker arms.............

The Van   Mar 31, 2019 

Heard that! All of the TPU is undergoing some refinement, and that top piece isn't entirely necessary. There'll also be a few more cutouts for zipties and such in the main plate so that'll trim off a little.
It's likely that there'll be a 'standard' version with minimal TPU; and a 'special edition' of some sort that'll include some functional & aesthetic accessories. What you're looking at here is something in between. If anything I may make the arms a tad thicker, but they feel really solid at 5mm.

Burning North   Mar 30, 2019  


Burning North   Mar 30, 2019 


The Van   Mar 30, 2019 


FilUP   Mar 30, 2019  

I want it... It's so damn nice...

The Van   Mar 30, 2019 

Thanks Fil! I've got just a few tweaks to make & the frame will be up for pre-order sometime in April. I'll throw an update up here & on social media for sure.

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