Armattan Gecko 4" 22xx

By Skywakka FPV on Mar 29, 2019

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Asked Jason Hay to design a bottom plate for the gecko to fit 22xx motors. He designed it and uploaded it to armattan productions for purchase. I'm using the split mini for hd only and the micro swift 2 for fpv only. I'm very happy with how the build turned out. A lot more power with the 22xx motors, the extra power makes up for any extra weight added and then some. All up weight is about 415g.
22xx Bottom Plate:



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ChristianProgrammer   Dec 10, 2019  

Would you believe I asked GetFPV a question about stronger motors on a small 3" quad and they gave me some BS reply like Requires a ham license but then suggested I peek here for ideas and BOOM your doing exactly what I wanted 22xx on a Gecko 4" thanks for the plate link I'm all over that / If you see this what do you think about Motor KV for something this small ..... Lower KV for Long range ??? like maybe 1750 ish or higher like 2500 - 3500KV for thrust ?

Skywakka FPV   Dec 11, 2019 

1750 sounds kind of low but if your using it for long range would probably be alright if you ran 5s or 6s. My 3rd quad ever i ran 2300kv on 4" props 4s lipo and it had no guts at all but i had long flights. Personally i would go for atleast like 2500-2700kv on 4s. If you want a long range quad you might be better off building a 5" but if your set on the gecko that's what i would do.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Apr 20, 2019  

So is there no way to get this frame packaged up with the rest of the hardware? I see you can get all the hardware seperately. If I must do that or buy a frame and then the plate I will have to do it... because I gotta have a 22xx (or 24xx?) 4

Skywakka FPV   May 05, 2019 

thats correct. unfotunately theres no way to buy the whole frame with the 22xx bottom plate. And you have to either buy the whole gecko, or the rest of the gecko parts from armattan quads, then buy the bottom plate from armattan productions. keep in mind in takes about a week before thr bottom plate will ship from armattan productions as theyre cut to order

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